Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog followers and the power of prayer

Hello there my luvvies and esteemed friends, we have a new follower….drum roll please....welcome to number 80th! Group hug everybody, feel all the love and warmth that we should me sharing? Wey-hey, ho ho, this calls for a little jig on the kitchen floor with Imelda and a cold tusker down my throat (first one of the day, I hasten to add). Do you think we would be a cult if you all came to our house and you guys stayed over forever and ever just like one big happy gay family

On a serious note please don't forget to pray for the flooding in Samburu to subside and for our sister the lovely Esther Arunga to wake up and smell the shit around her. How many people who love and care about her is this beautiful woman determined to hurt? Please God, please please give us a happy ending....amen.

Oh, hold on, I've just been handed my bottle of tusker baridi (the champers of beers) and a note by Imelda – "how many people do I want to love me???" Eh? Girl knows me tooo well.  Now let me shoot some pool with her and drink some lager, that's enough work for a furahiday….. xx xx xxx


  1. Sweetie, that cult doesn't sound bad, as long as you'll have a constant supply of virgin pica colada for me....... lakini in unrelated matters, font hon, I really like the measured Verdana in you other posts....... You and George have an awesome weekend and dont "Rabbit" sana

  2. Sema Rox,

    Lol, there'll no virgin anything in our cult! Ama tupeleke hiyo maneno kwa referendum? Just imagine you can be headmistress checking people have done their 'homework' properly, sawa?! Now on the font thingy, I'm having probos because sometimes blogger takes so long to load (or my connection hangs) so I'm forced to post via email from the phone. I'm working on it sweetie. Have a lovely weekend too. xx xxx

  3. Hihihihiiiii, I particularly like the homework bit, weee, si I'd be finishing mine pronto and asking for more. Hmmm, hii story sio mbaya Tams

  4. straightarrow2009March 8, 2010 at 5:14 PM

    Imelda shoots pool!!! wtf??? Maajabu ya musa.. :) lol


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