Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Livin' La Vida Loca

Ricky Martin, father of two, coming out gay has not been a surprise to
many. Come on you'd have to have had your gaydar disabled not to have
known it, if Shake Your Bon Bon still hadn't given the game away...


  1. And when Tamaku finally came out, everybody said, "We always knew it..we're not surprised!" lol

    On Ricky Martin though, does anyone know if the woman always knew that her baby father is a homo?

  2. Well done Ricky... raise and love your family as a FREE man.

    Just learnt a new word in queerism;
    Brojob (noun)... is when one bro performs an oral sex act to another bro but in a very straight way..
    Tee hee.. was watching the "men on film " skits from the in living color show on you tube and boy are they hiiilarious! Does anyone think Damon Wayans camps up too well or is it just me?

  3. T,

    Yes, we all knew that Latino heartthrob was as queer as they come what with those erotic hip twisting and sexy moves?!

    I am proud of him. We are now waiting for Tom Cruise, David Beckham and others to follow suit. (-:

    By the way, let me steal your thunder kiasi nijitandaze kwa your visitors and viewers. I am now a columnist with the Gay Kenya website. Any comments and thoughts are most welcome. That way they will not easily fire me! LOL! The link is:





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