Saturday, December 5, 2009

A pussycat growls?

I don’t know what to make of claims that the world’s greatest golfer is ‘horrible in bed’. Part of me wants to cry and send some tips because it’s not nice when someone says that about you especially when your first name is Tiger - the grrrrr. The other side of me wants to just lol! thinking it might be a case of putting in the wrong hole....mmmm? Mmmm? Lol!


  1. ati putting it in the wrong hole..wewe kwisha kabisa Tamaku...hahahaha

  2. Hi Leonardo,

    Media reports indicate he's not out of the woods yet ;)

    Hello Gladoo,

    Ehe. I never thought I'd be giving tips to a golfing legend: to clinch a birdie he first needs to look at the hole carefully and then grip his 7 iron with both hands (I'm happy to help him out on this part of the manoeuvre, ahem) - with a light stroke he should be able to drive it all the way in! Hehehehehe....xx xx xx


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