Thursday, December 24, 2009

Storm over paradise

Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year to friends (and foes) from a rain-soaked Nairobi. Last night the taps in heaven really opened but we say thanks for the rain because it was getting beyond a joke.

Laters, and hope you all have a great time, we plan to.... xxx xxx xx


  1. Have you ever thought that maybe gays are not born that way? I'm far from homophobic and even have gay friends but I've noticed similarities in their backgrounds that makes me think there is more than meets the eye. On one extreme, there are extremist homophobic people who think gays "choose" to be gay but thats obviously dumb coz who would choose to be an outcast. On the flipside though, there are the gay rights extremists who say they were born that way yet do not provide any conclusive proof. From my middle-ground objective evaluation, I've noticed three similarities in gay men. (1) Many grew up fatherless thats why (and I hate to say this) most gay Kenyans are Kikuyu because a great number of Kikuyu women are single moms (do your research before you make a retort). (2) Many have been to jail (3) Many were sodomized, mostly at home, by neighbours or in boarding school. This is not just a figment of my imagination, I've noticed this even in the African American community. Its very hard to find a man who was brought up by a mother and loving father, was never sodomized and has never been to jail and find that he is gay. Even look at major celebrities eg George Michael, Elton John, Luther Vandross, etc. Almost all fit into one of the 3 categories. As for women, most have been raped. There is an obvious cause- effect relationship here that gay activists refuse to acknowledge.
    And another thing that baffles me is why there are more gay men than lesbians. If its really all bout genetics, why the discrepancy? Shouldn't there be an almost equal number of gay men and women of its purely biological?
    Please respond to my assertions in a clear headed manner as I would love to engage in constructive debate. Cheers.

  2. Hi Anon,

    You are wrong on so many levels, but on Christmas Eve I really haven't the time to respond to blatant falsehoods. I'd rather have a beer and a laugh with my posse of fatherless, Kikuyu, ex-cons who were raped by their prefects. Cheers to you too, tis the season after all....xx xxxx

  3. Merry Christmas Tamaku!!!
    @ Anon: Hater

  4. Tamaku im disappointed in you. Activism just doesnt stop coz its xmass. Just like ignorant peeps will not stop attacking gay people coz its xmass. Lots of people read your blog and some are just as ignorant as anon. You have a platform to reach out and teach them that being gay has nothing to do with what they think. I dont think you should debate with him per se but at least address the misconceptions he has raised. Maybe some young dude who reads your blog is silently struggling with issues about he's sexuality and has heard what kenyans think, which is more or less what anon is spewing. Kenyan Homophobics are usually ignorant and have never met one gay person.
    Educate them.

  5. This Anon dude posted the same on one of my comments on the the kenyaimagine website where I regularly post articles and blog. Interesting that he should find his way here.

    Anyhoo, we are past this argumentative phase, haven't we? We all know who we are, why we are like this and are comfortable with it.

    Wasiojua maana hawaambiwi maana yake.

    Season greetings. (-:

  6. Hi JuaNita,

    Season greetings to you too. xx xx

    Hi Malaika644,

    Sorry to disappoint but I'm just a regular guy who values time with family, friends and my lover above engaging with a troll who obviously has no friends. I hope gay young dudes and lasses who visit here will understand. Peeps we also need to accept that we have many enemies, some are beyond help. Choose how you want to be happy and don't let the haters dictate the agenda. It's your life. Best wishes to you too and lots of love. xxxxxx

    Hi Deno,

    I'm too busy looking to get laid, when I start thinking too much after tusker na charred goat ribs George loses interest. Barikiwa. xx xx

  7. Happy holidays Tamaku,

    I have not been here in awhile..had I been a couple of days ago, I would have done a separate post to this dude(dudette) and school him. Unfortunately this is a season for cheer and I may not be coherent enough to deal with this. My boo is around and I intend to maximize the time with him. I may post later.


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