Friday, December 11, 2009

He's back!

My dear George came back home last night. He said he had needed some space - I wonder do men get PMS? I was so happy to see him I said honey don't worry about anything we'll work through our problems. Our family is back together again and that's all that counts for now.

Imelda and I missed Gee so much we had a small party for him when he got here, pizzas and lots of wine. I said a silent prayer thanks God for bringing my love back home safe. I also folded away my old Raymonds Polar Bear blanket that I've had since I was a little boy (I picked it up from my mum's on Monday night) and which I was using to comfort me through the lonely nights, even though it's been easily 20 degrees at night. I haven't been to work today and neither has George, we've been in the garden talking and basking in the sun.

Thanks everyone for your kindness - my heart was warmed by your concern and your love dried my tears of despair. I'm sure Gee knows how much he means to me and to you guys too. Have a lovely weekend all. xxx x


  1. Yay! Good for the both of you! :-)

  2. I can't adequately express my joy to hear you are back together. I have faith you will work things out. Take care and all the best to the two of you.


    After surgery, a bit of nip and tuck to my mid section, Big Papa is back! So, while I was in the Bahamas, on the beach, drinking Tusker kama kawa, I receive a text. Yes, an SMS from Kenya ikisema eti First Lady aka Tamaku wamekosana na Georgey darling! Yawa! Usitake kuona vile nilitoka kijiko hadi kwa hoteli. Na saa hiyo nimeva nothing but a boxer showing off my 'ifuf' (slang for matako). Na the way ifuf yangu ni kubwa!

    Mimi huyo mbio, nikamwambia waiter, 'Tafadhali mama! This is an emergency and I need to call my travel agent and get a plane ticket to Kenya. I am going to save a marriage. I wasn't able to do if for Charles and Diana but girlfriend, this one I MUST, wapende wasipende.'

    Nikaanza Rosary kadha bwana arudi. Nikafika, mimi huyo Muthurwa kumwona Dr. Majini Tisa. I had seen his notice saying he can rudisha mume nyumbani. I coughed up a box of black mascara (courtesy of Max), red lipstick (courtesy of Max) and the blue pill (wedding gift from a friend with a sense of humor) to juxtapose a black female snake, red hen and blue egg he had asked in order to recall George back. He had asked for the last ngotha George had worn but c'mon! Kuna vitu haziwezekani. The things we do for Tamaku & George.

    Amazingly, Dr. Majini Tisa did it! George amerudi. And so has Pater Nostra. In real life this time.

  4. Good. I am glad for you both!!!

    And looks like the poll is rigged....LOL. Haven't had time to visit, but glad to back and esp. today, to share your high note. I can just picture the garden, the nice weather...mmpphh!

  5. relief :)

    welcome home Gee! i call him Gee right?


  6. Words can't express my joy for you guys. Hope you guys manage to resolve your issues and together stay stronger than ever.

    P.S: Katy Perry sure do thinks men PMS. LOL

  7. Naturally he got broke and had to come back milk the dollar cow!!
    Sorry Tamaku but just saying it as it is. Do you guys have a prenup???

  8. Am so glad to hear that you guys are back together. Work on your issues and may your love grow sweeter and deeper! I wish you and George well.

  9. This is so touching! Im glad for you.

  10. Hey love, beeen a while since i was here. Pole sana about the agony you went thru when George had left.
    YES, men do have PMS. Cycles when they are very close to you and then it seems they feel too close and need to come up for air. And pull away........
    Take care of yourself.

  11. Tamaku
    I'm glad that happiness has been restored to your household.

    One question does crop up though. Even if you spent a lifetime with someone, can you say you really know them? There is always a part that will remain a mystery to us, even to the owner themselves. But I guess you can't let that stand in the way of happiness can you?


    PS Any comments about the lunacy (homophobic) that is currently gripping Uganda?


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