Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Doctor

I recently saw a poster on a roadside utilities cabinet near the City Stadium (Italics are mine):

'Dr Hodari - Consultant Doctor (tel 0721 xxx xxx) helps in -

* Love portions (Stir-in and drink from a horny goat's horn?)

* Man Power (This deficiency is not about the lack of employment, lol)

* Woman weakness (Casanova's cure?)

* Family Affairs (Dear Dr, I have the hots for my son...?)'

It's a mad world for sure.


  1. These 'doctors' are a bunch of liars. But Dr. Majini Tisa, after George's return, hmm, him I kinda believe. (-:

  2. True @Denis. Theyre all fakes!! Na bado utaona watu wakienda kwao! Nkt!

  3. A mad mad world indeeeeed! Long time Tamaku, been inundated kidogo, but just wanted to pop in and wish you and yours a wonderful Krisimasi!!!



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