Monday, November 23, 2009

Why I’ll never be a fan of Wan-tree-eel or Da Osi...

Most nights George likes to relax in bed watching his cherished dvds. Note the ‘his'. NOTHING is ever allowed to come in between him and his favourite dramas. Last Saturday he was engrossed in yet more One Tree Hill when I came out of the bathroom from cleaning my teeth. I was happily singing ‘secret lovers, yeah that’s what we are, we shouldn’t be together...’ when he gave me that look which says sshhh Tamaku, can’t-you-see-I’m-watching-something-v.important-here. So I stopped singing and got into bed. It’s fair to say that my tail was in between my legs as I snuggled up to George’s warm side hoping that we would soon be engaged in some horizontal jogging. ‘Cause we love each other so...ooh...ooh.’

Moments later when nothing of the sort happened (yet again) I started snoring sweetly (as I usually do whenever I start dreaming of me and Jeff Koinange sitting naked on The Bench doing something like an interview, haha!), that’s when George uncuddled me! Obviously the action on screen was at some life and death stage and my purring was distracting him so he pushed me away and I rolled to the other side of the bed. Arrrrrgh. Same thing happens when he’s watching The OC or that other one called Heroes, I’m not allowed to say a word in case he blinks and misses a scene. He says it’s never the same if he has to pause and rewind. By the time he’s watched four episodes I’m in no mood for anything.

Now I feel like I’m losing my man to teen dramas. So unfair....


  1. Babe, maybe you need to drag it up a little at know, some Chanel No5, perhaps even pantyhose or fishnet stockings...bound to catch his Shh, don't say it was me who suggested it..

  2. A bed should be for two, and sleep!
    Remove the TV/DVD unit from the bedroom!

  3. Oh T..don be a jealous old coot! Let the man enjoy his. Thats a most important factor in a relationship. If someone loves something , do not take it away or use it as a weapon against them. Instead you could use the time as "me" time. Enjoy the time to conjure more Jeff k images..hmm for me i would go more Swaleh...before he was fat! Love u T!

  4. Hi Tamaku,

    I have been 'accused' of being totally engrossed in watching a movie 'as if I am going to take an exam on it' :) - so I totally understand George.

  5. What u've said really is a rib cracker like
    "we would soon be engaged in some horizontal jogging"

    "I usually do whenever I start dreaming of me and Jeff Koinange sitting naked on The Bench "

    How u come up with above imaginations really cracks me up....

  6. Don't be too hard on him. I was made to chose between Desperate Housewives and my first bf and I chose Desperate Housewives thus the relationship finally came to a halt and we became friends with benefits.
    I'm so addicted to some series and HATE interruptions. It's just the way we're wired. It's like when some guys are watching football and can't be disturbed less you get a burst lip. LOL.

    @Anengiyefa : Nice tips. LMAO

  7. Hi T, your blogs is the illest of them all. Can't afford to miss it. You rock!!

  8. Poor Tams, nakufeel woishe!! That telly needs to leave the bedroom, I know coz I'm one of those series addicts, but hell, we cant have our Tamaku not getting some. Si you know all the grumpy people at work are the ones who don't get any?


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