Friday, November 6, 2009

Could this be a solution to Nairobi’s overheated property market?

I’ve been researching on suitable housing alternatives considering that very soon George and I plan to be living on a farm far away from the city. In recent years the price of property within the prime suburbs has escalated beyond all but the most resilient budgets. We initially considered shipping containers converted into living spaces but somewhere very deep in our minds lurks an image of being trapped inside one during an inferno and getting baked ‘oven’ style. Hardly our take on a spit roast.

So we moved on to study tents as a temporary fix but I’m not sure just how practical these structures would hold up in El-Nino type conditions. Just as I was giving up, voila we spotted this video of a tiny and functional house. We both think it’s beautiful, with all mod-cons and relatively inexpensive, now we are on the hunt for a builder.

Take a look at this plan. I think most loving couples would be cosy in one of these. On a 30 x 60 ft parcel there might even be room for a garden! Outside jacuzzi and barbecue? You bet!

I confess that Jay Shafer the designer of these masterpieces is easy on the eye too.


  1. Wow! I felt claustrophobic just watching that. You think two people can live in that comfortably? Hmmm...I am not sure matter how in love you are! :-) But thanks for sharing. It's a very interesting concept.

  2. Hello Biche,

    My bf George says I love touching and being touched! This compact house would just be perfect for us. We currently live in a five bed house, lots of wasted space. Btw thanks for stopping by. xxx xx


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