Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Daft law discriminates against gay Kenyans

Kenya’s new proposed Constitution will, as anticipated, not permit for same-sex unions. It’s baffling how this Draft that allows for adults to enter into unions based on 'free consent of the parties' would then purposely exclude other citizens based on their sexual orientation.

What part of ‘adult’, ‘free’ and ‘consent’ do these legal experts have a difficulty understanding?


  1. "Behind the sins of Kenya's closet gays" by Clay Mugunda-Daily Nation newspaper Friday Nov 20,2009

    '...What are the rights they(gays and lesbians) want and when did they come out and were told what they can get and what they cannot'?

  2. Hello Patricia Mambo,

    He might have a point, but we need to consider personal safety as well (amongst other things). There's no quick fix, this is about people and private relationships so it can be complicated, life eh?! By the way thanks for stopping by. xxx xxx


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