Monday, November 9, 2009

999 say Mungiki Man might have been killed by XYZ

Some events are as predictable as me getting an erection from watching porn. I notice not many people have come out to publicly moan the murder of Mungiki spokesman Njuguna Gitau, and don’t expect me to either. That would be cynical considering I didn’t know the man nor do I knowingly associate with the Mungiki. Ever since he surfaced last year I often wondered for how long he would continue to freely front a proscribed group whose members have been accused of running extortion rackets whilst carrying out the most despicable of murders.

And yet something about the circumstances of his demise unsettles me: Perhaps because his killing has all the hallmarks of an assassination and elements of tacit endorsement by dark forces. This explanation of infighting within the sect lacks imagination and seems to me like a cop out. You’d have to be spectacularly foolish to carry out a crime of this magnitude in broad daylight, on a busy street that normally has a high presence of armed uniformed and plainclothes police and then casually saunter away.

Inconceivable’ doesn’t even come close.


  1. And so we are supposed to, and some do decipher meaning out of the senselessness; not just in Kenya, or on the continent (happens all the time) Does it not feel like an affront to the senses, to intelligence?!~ I hear you my broda. (the Naija in me came out...)

  2. Hi Mama Shujaa,

    I see that XYZ (999) have been busy doing their thing.

    We are not alone. Clarita is wondering too.



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