Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where is Oprah Winfrey in our hour of need?

It’s wonderful to see the number of people who are standing up to be counted as gay Kenyans fight for their rights. I applaud all of you, let me just mention some of these fearless torch-bearers who continue to question our society’s entrenched views: from cartoonist Gathara, Betty Caplan, Dr Paula Kahumbu, Prof Makau Mutua, Rasna Warah, Onyango-Obbo, Peter Mwaura, Cabral Pinto and many many others this illustrious list is growing by the day. Did I hear you say President Obama? Thank you all for choosing to stand firm on these important issues in the face of a hostile and hateful backlash.

The hour is now and the urgency has never been greater. What about you dear reader, can we count on your influence and support? Will you join our quest to end this discrimination of gay people?

Now, if only Oprah could lend her support....


  1. too bad Oprah is still stuck in her multi-billion dolar closet and afraid to come out.

  2. You have my support :)
    It's not Oprah, but it's something...
    She's busy tweeting Shaq right now. true story.

  3. Hi Kelitu,

    Uvoo waku? The aforementioned closet must be full of nice things. xxx

    Hi KahawaMoto,

    Amazing! I hope she knows it's dangerous to swim with sharks..xx xx Thanks hun!


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