Sunday, November 15, 2009

A silence that speaks volumes

My friend Cynthia Vukets, a Canadian journalist recently did interviews with a section of Kenyans from the LGBT community following the news of the Civil Partnership of Charles Ngengi and Daniel Gichia in the UK. You can view the full article on her blog

For me more questions are raised now that the dust seems to have settled. What did the media frenzy and the shameful attacks on the right to privacy achieve? Where was the support of our LGBT organisations in the aftermath when three people were physically attacked by homophobic thugs? What of the police when radio stations were calling for violence against gay citizens? Where have all the peace-loving Kenyans who fight for justice and fairness gone?

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  1. I sympathise with gay people in Kenya. It really must be difficult being gay in Kenya. That is what makes me believe it when you guys tell us that you are born with it. Cos really no one would want to deliberately make himself the target for the treatment you get. I mean the ridicule, hostility, discrimination name it. Poleni sana. Hopefully our gay granchildren wont suffer.


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