Sunday, November 22, 2009

Are Kenyan parents to blame for homophobia?

A comment in the Daily Nation following the news that gay rights will be left out of our proposed Constitution could explain the root of the deep-seated homophobia that exists in our society:

1. Submitted by alfotula
Posted November 20, 2009 09:49 AM
I dont want to explain to my young children why two men or two women are kissing. I would not know what to tell them bcos idont understand gay relationship. Last year, I was very shocked by the way gay parade their affection in public places in Stockholm and I would not want to see that in Nairobi.

My views on that? How about parents start by explaining to their children what TRUE LOVE really means? Surely there cannot be a worse example of woeful parenting than comments as those which display such helpless ignorance. Capable and loving parents are those who do not shy away from educating their offspring about the diversity that exists in the modern world. Any children abandoned to such an insular environment of intolerance can expect to be disadvantaged in an evolving future and the blame will lie squarely with their negligent carers.

Brave parents who visit here, please take note - today’s homophobe is almost certain to be tomorrow’s pariah.

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  1. hi dear
    i dont know whether they are to blame for homophobia, but i think they play a big role in making homosexuality a shame, as in i know very few parents who embrace a child who comes and say mum/dad guess what am gay/ lesbian


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