Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Valentine's Day & Night

It’s been a while people, where do I start? Ok, let's go to the beginning which is always a good place to start. So I left London on Friday morning feeling physically refreshed but there were still some cobwebs in my head. Did I tell you about someone called Lavish? Of course I did and many of you weren't too pleased. Anyway, newsflash: she was more than a passing cloud! I'd been thinking a lot about her that's why we agreed with George that we take some time apart. Let me tell you nowhere like 39000 feet up in the privacy of a Club World pod to collect one's thoughts. But by the time BA 0065 landed in Nairobi I was still not clear in my mind what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be with.

George picked me up from the airport; I'd missed him so much. This man has a heart of gold. We hugged tight for half a minute until I felt something move down there, hahaha. Then he drove us home. I could tell he was so excited to see me, telling me about what's been happening. In my absence Imelda's son came to live with us now he's going to school. I won't write much about him because he's only a child.

That night after a quick shower and a light snack we went to bed. When we were lying there George said, so what have you decided? Is it me or is it going to be that woman Lavish? I said honey I can't just choose like that because I love you and I have these feelings for Lavish as well. He said people don't know how complex you are, I just want you to be happy so you need to make up your mind. And that's how the first night back went, cuddling each other in bed and talking for hours. But no sex, none of us even felt like it. We talked about how we met and how happy we've been together and also intimate stuff that I won't tell you because it's deep and only two people ever heard those whispers.

Come Sunday afternoon we were sitting in the lounge watching TV and my mobile vibrated. It flashed up 'LAVISH' and George saw it but he pretended like he had not seen it. I walked to the kitchen to answer the call. I felt something in my stomach from hearing that voice. Lavish asked, man have you missed me? I didn't make a sound. She said I know you missed me even if you don't say it because I'm a woman and we know these things. I found my voice and I said I missed you. Then she said I'm in town at the hotel, I want you to come to me now. I said let me think about it, I'll let you know. Then she said don't think because I'm waiting. Come now I’m waiting for you. Strangely, as she said those words I realized I was pinching my right nipple which was now quite stiff.

After the call ended I went back to Gee, he looked up and said I know you have to go but it's okay. He looked hurt and sad. I said honey I'm very sorry because I’m becoming a bad person. Then I went upstairs to our room. I packed my small wheelie Samsonite, I packed some underwear and socks and toiletries. I also put in a black Van Heusen dinner shirt and trousers and my autograph black pointy shoes. I knew I was spending Valentine's dinner away from George. I was going away to be with Lavish....

To be continued:


  1. And then you realized in the morning you wanted to be with G...

  2. Hi Girl In the Meadow,

    I wish it was that

  3. I have a bad feeling about this.

  4. Caught in between two heart throbs. I don't envy your predicament. Hang in there Tamaku, you'll do the right thing

  5. Welcome back Tamaku :-)

    Moments like now words fail me... I will just give you the LOOK!

  6. Tamaku, why is there so much shame surrounding your attraction to Lavish? You've been very honest and safe with both of them and you care deeply about them both. George has never asked you to curb your desires either. I think you sbould consider the possibility of some kind of polyamorous relationship, devoid of all this shame. The idea of love as handed down by society, something that only two people share, is not exactly for everyone. It's almost like sexual orientation - some people are loving and sweet but they just don't want to be with one person forever. That being said, be careful that Lavish and George don't say they are okay with an open relationship when they aren't really and it's killing them inside bit by bit. Lest one day they snap and break up with you and you can never win them back (speaking from experience).

  7. Can I have George? I hate lavish without knowing her and I can't believe how big a heart G has! Damn Tamaku, you should know a man who gives his heart is rare and thinking with your cock will land you in hot water!!! argghhhh poor G - if the situation was reversed, you can bet ur sweet tush lavish would not be half or even an iota as understanding as G is. Use ur head man

  8. presuming george is the angel you have portrayed him to be , you simply,dont deserve george.
    i hope you go home and find him gone.i wonder how you would have felt if it was him,leaving you on valentines for her or him.

  9. Please let a camera crew follow you around ... this would make such a great movie! I don't mean to make light of your situation but it's just so damn interesting!

    I feel for George though. Just remember that he may not wait around forever for you to get your mind around what you really want.

  10. In my short stint on earth, I learned two very valuable lessons that one would do well to adhere to. Nothing lasts for ever, and everything has its rightful place.

    On many an occasion, I have burned my fingers and seriously bruised my ego, being an overambitious underdog, who liked, appreciated and wanted the lifestyle in the other side of the divide I was born in to. Now that is not a bad thing. If anything, It’s how legends are made…ish ish … I mean, if my tiny victories -Which would not hold much water here- are anything to go by, they are the stuff of my former Ilk’s wildest wet dreams!
    BUT; a model’s gotta be smart enough to quit at the peak of her career, gamblers: smart enough to know when to cash in their chips, a kid out growing toys, and even no-brainers like African presidents trying citizen’s patience …
    You don’t need a pinch in your ear, like getting dumped on your birthday to tell you a fling is over, but a lover walking out to go spend valentines with someone else is a pretty big wallop on the hooter.

    It does things to me. Unpleasant things that I can’t describe to say, I think Tamms and Gee’s thing has run its course. Lavish -Now associate that word more with venom than an opulent spread- was obviously made for Tamms. Any attempts to keep them apart would be fighting against Some family and friends -the kind that call the shots-, The grand order of things-ers, who include fire and brimstone preaching religious folk, un-African chanting kin from home, and WHAT-IS-RIGHT!- Placard wielding commoners all rolled into one. Man I hate that crowd.
    In short, both of them should realize what they HAD was as good as it was ever going to get and they should walk away noses held aloft, memories and benefits earned from it all safely stored in a special place, and find their rightful places in society (gag), … or a revolution will make them.

    I’m just saying…

  11. Wow! Mariah Carey's heart breaker is playing in my head:-)

  12. poor G! Tamaku dear, do the right thing.
    And we were on the same flight by the way.

  13. You write in such a beautiful engaging tone. Just read the whole story; You are in a very complicated situation with no easy answers. Everyone will want to put in their two cents but at the end of it all....It is your yourself enough to do what makes you happy!


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