Monday, February 7, 2011

How to get laid in 7 days (money-back guarantee)

This post is in response to the 'straight' dude who emailed me asking about tips on getting laid come Valentine’s. So I’ve risen to the occasion to assist in accomplishing the mission without telling him to resort to Rohypnol. Being irresistible is 90% of the time just a matter of confidence and planning, so let’s start this seven-day musical course to get things moving. Of course you’ll still need the usual money wasting accoutrements(flowers, chocolates, dinner and booze). Don’t forget the nice smelling underwear on the night and a pack of 3 ribbed durex - applies to everyone, BTW. Let’s start off with All Saints to get you in the zone. There’ll be a tune every night until Sunday. Follow this course and believe me, Monday night kaboom!

You’re welcome. xxx

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