Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Valentine's Day & Night (Will I ever be forgiven?)

Continued from here:

I took a taxi to the hotel which was only 40 minutes. When I got to Lavish's room she opened the door and I dropped the suitcase inside, closed the door quietly and we kissed. She was wearing a long t-shirt and nothing else. It felt better and sweeter than the first time. Without saying a word I scooped her to the bed and we made love, she told me when I say no to you I always mean yes. Yes we made music, I finally understood what Chris Martin means on Paper Loving (Cardiac Bass Riddim) when he sings If you cyaan love me now, Don't love me later when my later is much greater...

We both cried real tears by the time we finished, that's how intense it was. I'm not saying that I'm a stud (far from it) or that Lavish is the best lover but it felt so special I even feel guilty telling you about it. Then we ordered room service and ate in bed. In fact we didn't leave the bed until Monday afternoon when we came downstairs to the Thorntree cafe. Over biscuits and tea lavish said Baby I told you I always get what I want. I didn't know what to say. I just said I think you reset my sexuality. She looked at me with her big eyes and took my hands in hers. Yes Tamaku, I was sent to reset your sexuality to straight and it will be set permanent at straight as long as I'm around. My head was spinning but all I could see was George's face. I told Lavish I love George. She said I know, because I met him when I came to your place and saw how you are together. She said I'll give you time to decide because I know you are mine forever. Then we went back to the suite, we made love again and fell asleep.

When we woke up it was almost six in the evening. The air in the suite was damp from the rain mixed with the sweet dizzying smell of sex and we had to get ready for dinner. I rang the restaurant that I'd reserved for George and me to cancel because I couldn't bring myself to go there with Lavish. Then I rang my old assistant Jemima from when I used to have a proper job, I said please superwoman I need dinner for two somewhere nice tonight. Jemima, bless her, called me back in ten minutes and said you have a table at Fogo Gaucho for nine pm. By this time Lavish was in the bath her face floating over bubbles so I joined her. She looked like a mermaid in the water, there are few women who are as beautiful as Lavish is. Because of that fact we made love again, we almost missed our reservation, lol! On the way to Westlands for dinner I called George. He sounded happy, I think he was tipsy. He said I'm at home with Imelda and her son we are having a Valentine's dinner. I said cool, I miss you guys, I'll see you tomorrow. So that's how Valentine's was - me and Lavish at Fogo Gaucho and then later at Black Diamond for some drinks and leg shaking. In the back of the taxi to Black D Lavish whispered in my ear, now that you've wined and dined me, are you going to sixty-nine me? I said you bet, later. My ego was turbo-boosted entering the club with this stunning woman. The guys in the club looked at me as if to say you lucky bastard and the Nairobi night girls looked at my date as if to say who let Cinderella out. I was thinking, wait till you see my boyfriend. Lavish that night was wearing vintage black Yamamoto lace, I told her if we get together with you I'll have to take out a mortgage just to buy your panties. Which is a big joke because Lavish has done very well for herself. She was so feminine like a china doll perfumed so irresistibly, seductive in waves of Vera Wang Princess. Even now sitting here all alone in the lounge watching KISS TV - Kenya's Greatest Entertainer 'talent' show where some hapless but sweet girl is murdering Britney Spears' I Was Born To Make You Happy, I can never forget that scent.

So to cut a long story short, I'm in a dilemma. Big time. I haven't seen George for the last four days although he's keeping in touch by phone. He told me he's taken our car to Naivasha with friends. Advice please!


  1. I suddenly felt a streak of resentment towards Lavish when she said that thing about being sent to make you straight. It's just the kind of thing arrogant people say when they are dating someone who is queer but in a heterosexual relationship. Like when I date guys and they are thinking the whole time "all she needs is my big dick". Sexuality is fluid, maybe you just like her as a person and it has nothing to do with her gender.

  2. This was Tamaku last yearr...."Hey Leonardo,

    Thanks for your lovely wishes, we send the same to you and JC. xxx

    Hi NF,

    The date was dreamy, imagine our first Valentine's together, I thought I was going to explode with joy!!! Nice to hear yours was great too.
    BTW, while the Mtwapa youths were going wild about the gay wedding, the 'marriage' btwn RAO and Kibaki seems to have broken down. Kenyans, we don't seem to have this marriage thing nailed down."...
    Hard to believe that the above comment was you last year around this time. All in all, don't you worry. Dawa yako iko jikoni Tamaku.....

  3. how long is your middle life crises going to last?

  4. Damn! All I can say is poor George. He deserves so much better.

  5. You sir are a douchebag and G so deserves better than a two-timing man in his life...and just to remind you that words do come back to bite you and because I didn't wanna paraphrase this but throw them back in your face just the way you wrote them, this was your sorry ass the first time you did this....

    "I told her I'm not willing to take this to the next level and jeopardise what's dearest to me so I really hope you understand. Lavish said my heart desires you Tamaku but I'll do my best to back off. Then she added rather ominously, I usually get most things that I want so keep looking over your shoulder. We both laughed nervously at that implied threat, I scratched my testicles in camaraderie and replied eh missy, please don't go all psycho bitch on me now. Then we just left it at that. After that conversation I called George and promised him that there wouldn't be a next time ever. I also more than made up to Gee for that indiscretion but I'm not going to reveal too much."

    MY TAKE: THIS WAS THE POINT YOU SHOULD HAVE DELETED HER NUMBER AND NEVER LOOKED BACK. SERIOUSLY TAM, YOU'RE A HOT MESS AND IT WOULD SERVE YOU RIGHT IF G WAS TO FIND SOMEONE WHO KNOWS THAT A BIRD IN HAND IS BETTER THAN TWO IN THE BUSH AND CAN VALUE HIM. Every single day when someone steps out of their house, there will likely meet someone who is more gorgeous, sexy, classier than the loved one they left at home and the eye sees that. What makes someone in love act differently is their ability to choose because what the eyes see is not what the heart perceives. And I honestly don't see how you can claim to love G if you can make the choice to cheat on him. You made the wrong choice and you can't always make up for indiscretions with those you love - dinner, sex, gifts, words or even paid trips abroad can not make up for your acts of betrayal and that's what this is...think of it like this: if u had a mirror and smashed it against the wall or even dropped it, it will break. And even if you find all the pieces and put it back together again, it will never be a perfect fit anymore. A sliver here and there will be missing and the whole thing will be filled with cracks everywhere held by glue..what was strong, becomes fragile and only reflects fractured images. Whether George is a saint or not as you try and portray him, this will change him and your relationship (if it survives it).

    And again in your own words: "Let no-one be under any illusion - George is the most loving, beautiful and hottest man alive. He is also irreplaceable. Lavish was horny-goat sex."

    But the saddest thing to note Tamaku is that your word to the person you claim to love the most, means nothing. A man whose word cannot be trusted, who cannot be trusted to uphold and live up to his word is not an honorable man and you disappoint. Try rem, that A MAN'S WORD IS HIS HONOR AND BOND.

    And lastly I leave this for you dear Tam from a fellow douchebag Peter Wentz, "It’s semi-frustrating when your name actually becomes a synonym for douchebag.”

  6. No puns intended but to me this sounds like the typical ending to gay relationships only this time with a little added drama. Tamaku, deep in your heart do you still love G? or do you feel that he served his mo-mental purpose and now suddenly all you see is the weak points. Something tells me that this princess is in fact a red herring...but hey..only you can interpret clearly whats in your mind. Not to say that you cannot have feelings for the opposite sex: but this is Tamaku...who so fervently defended his sexuality and led us to believe that he lived what he believed. Keep the drama rolling of your commentators wondered how long your mid life crisis would last: I should ask the same 38 by the way, yes black.. kikuyu man

  7. Advise you? You foolish man! I am venting for all the women out there who thought at least gay men were slightly decent. Now you are ditching George for who? I swear Lavish sounds like a big time langa. *sigh, there's no hope ladies. If a woman can turn a gay man straight - or at least make him want to be straight - how ever will you hold on to yours?

    ~ Very Cynical about L-O-V-E

  8. i don't have a super long piece of advice or going to tell you off for treating George like this, all i can say is, go home to him.

  9. I would advice you to take a step back and realize that what you and George shared is far greater than this lavish fiasco. maybe you just needed some adventure? It's time you went back home...

  10. ditch Lavish in a heart beat. She's just for plessure. It's George you want.

  11. Tamaku,

    Maybe it's time to reassess your sexuality. It's possible that you don't quite so neatly fit into the gay box as you thought in the past. Sexuality is a lot more fluid than folks realize.

    I feel for George. I always rooted for both of you. And I have to say the name Lavish is rather disturbing, especially given the context...LOL! Sorry!

    Best to you all.

  12. I know what happens when someone comes and sets off your chemical balances to an in-equilibrium. But I am concerned what George is becoming from all this.

    The feeling of never being enough, I can't beat competition, there is more fun out there than I can offer, he can always leave me... etc. It is the worse feeling. Especially when you love someone with your heart and you see them wandering in confusion. It break a man heart. And even if George doesn't leave you, he will never be the same.

    For what it's worth, consider George. Such experiences are the ones that turn a saint into a bitch, a wreck or even a shattered man. Take care of the one who loves you.... even if your love for them may have faded away. You once saw gold in them, don't turn them into iron!

    Your story is truly uncanny!

  13. Hey, I'm not going to repeat the comments about your actions... those are all kind of judging.

    But I would say, "think". You already spent one of those most widely romanticized days in many countries away from George (whom you say you love). You chose to do that with a woman that George 1) knows you care about 2) is aware that she can give you something he cannot.

    I think you already made your decision and we really cannot give you any advice. Sexuality IS very fluid... it's possible that you found the one woman that "does it" for you in a way that your previous gay partners cannot. Don't let the latent gay suspicion that maybe we really AREN'T gay stop you from finding real happiness. George is probably a great guy, wouldn't you rather let him go and find true love rather than keeping him in this limbo?

  14. Well, lots of commenters are quite harsh to you which is understandable. My two cents, i think you and lavish can have a great thing. you seem like a smart lad and she is smart from what i can tell. that, plus the beauty, feelings, great, just apologize to G and let him move on. all the best

  15. Tamaku
    This is a situation I have seen so often with gaymen but in all instances, they have reverted to their original sexuality....what goes through their minds as they bed their ladies can only be revealed by the individual concerned but be warned; an affair with Lavish will not last and the situation that you alone engineered between yourself and George, is now unlikely too either. You ask advice....ask yourself the question and what you think is the answer whether you like it or not, is usually the right answer.

  16. u bastard...and I seriously mean that


  17. Return home before it's too late man. You should really take time out to ask yourself which of them you can't live without.

    If you need them both, I wish you best off luck with them understanding the situation BUT please put yourself in George's shoes.

    All the best man.

  18. I think (read: know) you love to shock... I find this hard to believe... I don't believe someone can be so... I don't know...

  19. why do I have a feeling you are lying about all this..

  20. I remember the first time you posted about Lavish and I said you were begining to exhibit douchbag qualities and that time will tell if you are a douchbag?
    Well, time has told. You are a douchbag. Its not because you slept with a woman-its because you have done this to George.
    I had grown to like you two so much but you? not so much now. George deserves better that's for sure.
    Sijui akikuacha sasa ndo uende kwa huyo Lavish wako huh? tuone kwenye mtafikishana.
    George is the best.

  21. I am with Tamaku on this one. I believe sexuality is a continuum and that it is possible to be attracted to people regardless of gender and still be able to consummate that attraction. Ignore the labels of gay or bisexual.

    I however take a strong stance against cheating of any type

  22. Please go online and look for a movie called 'No Night is too long' -

    then u will understand why I not only called u what I called u :-) but also why it will not work out with that woman

  23. I don't think this is true! How?! Honestly, how can you can treat another human being so basely? Before I was just disappointed in you. Now I strongly dislike for putting someone else through all that pain. You don't need advice because you don't listen to it anyway.

  24. I am so not buying this. Tamaku is this supposed to raise your views? Well it sure has. Kudos!

  25. does G read this?

    i'd love to hear him say something.

    hmm.. and you say G is hawwwttt... could u shed more light? furthermore, we all have different tastes and maybe G has been imagined in a thousand different 'hawts' and sizes.



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