Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy birthday Kenya; 21 again?

We are still celebrating Kenya's Independence Day here at home. It's been a memorable day in the welcome company of lover, friends and family. Husband George roasted us the most succulent goat legs which we've been sending down with copious amounts of Tusker lager chased down with shots of Viceroy brandy. We've been listening to sounds like Summer Love by Denyque, Get No Better by Cassidy ft Mashonda (Swizz Beatz you've got mad skills like Tedd Josiah but you are still The Dog. Alicia Keys, remember karma's a bitch). Also been grinding to Missing You by Case (tune, tune, tune).

Oh, my friend Paprika from the UK is also here. AND, so is Lavish over from Kilifi looking so fierce I feel like having another small but secret nibble of her ripened fruits. She's sitting directly opposite with her 36DD tits pointing at me like upturned traffic cones. Saucy minx can't really blame me. Mmmm....

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