Saturday, October 23, 2010

No swimming with piranha

A couple of fridays ago George and I went for evening drinks at the Hilton's Jockey Bar. We also shared complementary roasted peanuts for both our nuts which is important for libido and stamina. Not too many salted nuts though because you might have a heart attack. I’ll let you decide, studhood or an early grave. As the evening wore on George was looking even more deserving of a good tickle, he's a generous lover and good ex-cop because he only had two bottles of chilled White Cap lager. I didn't want to let the side down and I wasn't driving so I downed a mini forest of Tuskers but very, very reshponshibly because they were getting planted at over 300 shillings plus taxes each. Ouch.

Soon we met the inevitable ma-gals, I say ma-gals because they were working girls (prostitutes is too entry-level). They didn't look too appetising but one man's poison may be another's meat. I should confess now that sometimes I think I could backslide and make an exception for the right chick only if we clicked on a sensuality level (only true freaks will understand) and if said candidate is an exceptional kisser. But not this sleazy clock-watching pair, I wouldn't screw them with your dick for money even though the recent census says the population of Kenyan women is almost equal to that of men. Also it tends to rain heavily in Nairobi especially when you've been drinking one must always pack a durex raincoat in the wallet it may be what saves your life in a storm. Many punters had their twelve minutes of fun and now they pray to God to just see another sunrise. Boys na girls, munanifeel?

I telescoped a benign but tipsy gaze on them just in case they wanted to steal my mano George but they can't give him the sugar that he craves. One of the other girls said hello handsome when she passed by us going to the loo, I answered 'hi sunshine' but she turned back and said I wasn't speaking to you - I was speaking to your friend. I was shocked because she looked like she wanted to scratch my eyes out. Thing is George didn't even look up, he's very allergic to certain women. I also find girls who make the first move as appealing as a Somali pirate, I don't know why. When I left the bar counter to go for a smoke at the poolside area a floor above, I mapped everyone's drinks' position to make sure no one was encroaching on my territory.

Eventually the women realised we were not immediate fodder laced with molasses because George had locked the palm of his hand on my knee and I was looking totally owned. Imelda may have had a point. So we decided to have innocent fun with Betty and Terry, who skillfully milked 3 drinks each from us of frontera chilean merlot wine expertly served by barman James. Betty, the one reeking fake Dior Addict Shine and stale dishwater breathe, sneakily showing the collar of a purple thong (so 90's) and desperately in need of manicure overhaul, told me she lives at Githurai 45 and said she wanted me to be a daddy for 5000 shillings for 2 shots bei ya kuongea (negotiable) at her digs. However breakfast, toothpaste and hot shower extra. And no early morning game drive which was the deal breaker. Cheap like lust is expensive, so I said sounds fab but no cigar babygal but here is a little something for you and your friend, enjoy yourselves - words even Bill Clinton couldn't bring himself to say to that woman. Being decent, gay men without firearms we declined to squeeze the melons or pinch their femme butts and left for home to start what we never like to finish.

On the way home we sang along to the CD with TLC's Red Light Special turned up it's yours, all yours if you want it tonight. You can see the video here and fill in the blanks about what we did when we got home, lol. George says I'm more than a handful when I've had a drink. Guilty as charged.


  1. :( The TLC video contains content from Vevo, who have blocked it in my country on copyright grounds! Would have loved to fill in those blanks, Tam.

    In a strange way all my recollections of encounters with ladies of the night are of them being turned down, and usually not as graciously and benevolently as you and George managed to do..

  2. Hi Anengiyefa,

    What a crying shame, blame it on the Tories. The video has some serious eye candy as well. Booo. xxx

  3. Tamaku I must say that I am a little disappointing in this post. You strike me as open minded and progressive, at least from reading your posts, so I am surprised that you are usually appalled when women make the first move. Patriarchs in their attempt to control women's sexuality punish women who make the first move and this is a form of oppression. I know you are reading this and thinking-mmhh punish? How? Disapproval in its self is punishment. All I can say is that think about this point more and think of why you disapprove. Because you of all the people don't strike me as a patriarch.
    Empowered women make first moves. They know what they want and are not afraid to pursue it. Men with low self esteems are offended when women make the first move on them because they feel that by being pursued, like women, their masculinity is put in the line. In other worlds they feel emasculated. What a trivial thing to shake a man's confidence...I suspect that most men who feel this way are insecure bastards with backward beliefs that the power to pursue sexual mates is a mans territory and how dare any woman venture there? Baha ha ha ha
    Kenyan women do not be afraid to want pursue what you want. If a man responds in a negative manner he is an insecure male chauvinist and doesn't even deserve and thank God you discover that very early on.
    Also I am totally going to hit on a person I like and pursue them.....

  4. Hi Kasapere,

    I'm thinking about the valid points you raised. It may be a while but I'll respond. Cheers hun. xxx x


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