Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where were you during the rescue of the Miners?

I'm sitting here having a lovely cup of black tea with ginger watching live CNN. George is at work, Imelda is lying on the couch all wrapped up like a sausage roll, she's not feeling too great. She's having what my mummy would call 'female problems' so I made her my version of a White Russian: a double tot of Smirnoff vodka, large spoon of honey from Kitui mixed with hot milk and a dash of Amarula. She's also working her way through a small box of a dozen ferroro rocher chocolates, not being her chatty self.

It's looking like it will be a quiet day here but one that I'll never ever forget. Thank you dear God for watching over the Chilean miners. Four out so far and just pure, spectacular jubilation for loved ones but twenty-nine still to go.

Meanwhile I discovered how to take a 'self' screenshot of my phone. Pretty cool.


  1. Tamaku,

    It was amazing to see the first miner carried out alive and well. The tears were cutting and it was so emotional.

    P.S. That phone shot looks awfully familiar. I know someone who has one like that! Sisemi kit. I do not want to out people.

  2. Deno,

    Usiseme kit, kaa hivyo hivyo ;)

  3. What?! Are you guys talking about some mutual boyfriend? Anyways, off the bat - gay men gross me out. I however find that your struggle for rights can not be divorced from other struggles, be they feminist, civil or ecosoc rights. So I'm here and I want to learn.

    Question 1: Why the promiscuity in this community? (we know thats not an empty stereotype)

    Question 2: If you truly are not attracted to women then why are so many of you able to marry and have kids? How do they get it up?

    Question 3: We hear alot of guys who were abused as kids by other men later on joining this community. Are you sure this is not just PTSD and not an inherent attraction

    Question 4: I hate it when people say straight is "natural" and that gay just isnt. But they do have a point. What imperative is served by members of a population who do not desire to engage in reproductive activities? Makes no sense, your genes would die with you if society didnt keep you in the closet.Perhaps you should thank us for that :-)

    Question 5: Why do sooooooo many gay men act like such "fairies"? Is this a third sex or what? Coz chicks dont act like this. Is the bitchiness necessary? Dont you guys realise how much harder it is for us to get into your cause when you are so unpleasant to even be around?

    Question 6: Are you sure that you dont get off on same-sex because its TABOO. You know how people get off jerking off in public and stuff. Are you guys just out to shock and provoke? And if it wasnt through this it would be something else. i.e. Anarchists

    Question 7: Do you have any faith in a higher being? If so, is S/HE drawn from the major world religions? The teachings are clear. I know there have been attempts to squabble over translations but most academics find those arguments very weak

    Question 8: If homosexual acts were decriminalised and discrimination banned, what next for you guys? Will you fight to be allowed to marry and adapt kids? (for the record, I'ld stand before a firing squad before I let any child be raised by people who dont even have the basic biological urge to reproduce - whatever their orientation)

    Question 9: Many say that the reason so many serial killers and paedophiles are gay is because the community having given up a major code of morality is losing all sense of Right and Wrong. You must acknowledge that there is a disproportionate number of serial killers and paedophiles that are gay, whats your explanation?

    Question 10: Whats wrong with just celebacy? I am assuming you cannot control your attraction, so why not just stay celebate for your family, community, society and God? (and please dont take the easy road out and accuse me of being fixated on the sexual act - give me an answer)

  4. Hi Anon,

    You'll find your answers in this piece.
    xx xxx

  5. Thanks for the link.

    I have a great deal of respect for Prof Mutua. And I agree with him that irrespective of our personal views EVERYONE should be treated with dignity and respect.

    Perhaps there is a degree of heteropatriarchy in the way I view the world. Why though, do I not have the same revulsion over lesbianism??? Just thinking out loud.

    Also this heteropatriachy he talks about seems quite alive within your community. Why else are your relationships modelled after heterosexual ones? I.E theres a butch guy and then a "queen". Why not just 2 butch guys? Perhaps y'all recognise heterosexuality as the ideal model.

    I'm also not crazy about his use of the word homophobia. It suggests that if I am uncomfortable with gay men, it must be because I fear them. Thats just a click away from saying, I'm opposed to the lifestyle because I am closeted. That word is clearly thrown around to shut down all opposing views.

    We know the AIDS pandemic wasnt caused by any single group. However, the cross-over from being a predominantly "gay disease" and into the heterosexual population sounds suspciously like closeted gay men took it home to their wives. I have no studies to back this up but the logic fits.

    People are "born" gay?? Really? Last I checked there was no conclusive evidence either way. Besides if people were born gay there would have to be a gene that predisposed them being gay. How on earth would that gene have survived natural selection? If you guys are not sleeping with women then how is this gene being passed along?! And if you are having sex with women, then how can you be gay?

    In the end, no one needs my approval to live their life. I also have beef with adulterors but I doubt they give a solitary shit what I think of them.

    PS: Much respect for living so openly. It cant be easy living under constant threat of a public lynching. Takes guts!

  6. Interesting questions, opinions and article.
    Indeed no grown adult needs anyones approval to live their lives. Some of us develop very strong opinions on subjects like homosexuality, but not on child molesters, rapists, murderers, thieves, adulterers etc...

    Your faithful lurker

    Lily ( Love you back)

  7. I'm straight but I wonder about this obsession with homosexuality. I wonder why there's no similar outcry about rape and defilement. Heterosexual sex, yes, but not consensual. As a woman, I'd appreciate it if more attention is paid to this evil that is done to us than to what 2 consenting adults choose to do - that's their own business and as long as they are not harming anybody else we straight people should let them alone. By the way, Tamaku, I love your blog. Keep writing.


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