Monday, October 4, 2010

Meanwhile back at the farm

Just arrived at my destination. These greenhouses take farming to a scale and intensity that's difficult to describe. Forget my 1/2 acre patch of green at home that I'm so proud of when I pick a bunch, this is the Wal-Mart of horticulture.

Off to my meeting, lunch is promised at Sopa Lodge. This being Keroche country, I'll allow myself a mild Summit lager shandy.


  1. Just to let you know.. I enjoy your photo journalism and musings..... I miss home and I don't get to come home as often as I'd like to so I really enjoy getting a glimpse of the happenings at home...

  2. Hi Lily,

    You're welcome honey. I'll try do more pictures. Love ya. xxx

  3. Hi Tamaku, You are baaad! I discovered your blog yesterday at 10 pm and did not go to bed till past 2am reading. Its past 1am tonight and I just cannot get enough of you. You have exquisite writing skills, language, expression, story telling ... you name it! You have just sassed up a middle aged woman's life. Thank you. Muks


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