Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dreams of new Kenyan trains by man-eaters

The government has promised that we will have modern trains traversing
the country in a few short years! I can't wait for the Nairobi to
Mombasa, the fun and comfort we will all have such as
what George and I enjoyed on this train from northern England some
weeks ago.

Imagine listening to piped Malaika as you shuttle through Tsavo at
160kph! Magical...simply magical. And the widescreen TVs showing movies as well as the restaurants and bars showcasing Kenyan delights that will make your journey that little bit extra special! With first-class cabins offering unrivalled service...

Pack your bags....


  1. Sounds fun...actually, it sounds exotic, fascinating and a great adventure for those of us who need a little Africa in our souls.

    Thanks, I hope we´ll be welcome aboard (surely, voting for Obama has given me a special endorsement for primera clase)!

  2. Thought this might interest you. All we need is one brave Kenyan in the lime light to de-closet.

  3. Hi Leonardo,

    I'll carry your bags to your cabin myself ;)

    Hi malaika644,

    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately there are not many brave gay Kenyans (myself included) or is it that we are afraid of the truth? xxx

    Tamaku (I'm using a friends computer and I can't seem to be able to log on to my account)...


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