Monday, September 21, 2009

Afrigator blog rankings taken with a pinch of salt

I noticed this morning that I'd been propelled to the cabinet of
Kenyan blogs at number 7 according to 156 in Africa)!
Surely that would make me the equivalent of Minister for Water and
Irrigation in the government so thank you dear readers and followers
for the time you take to drop by, we do have a good laugh.

However call me a thankless bastard or one suffering from a dose of
low self esteem (or both) but I'm increasingly looking at these
rankings with a raised eyebrow. Is it just me? They seem to be all
over the place for Kenyan blogs. I even noticed recently that some
blogs have opted to move away and I'm only guessing that these wild
fluctuations have not helped. By the way for what it's worth can
Kenyan IT bods not provide an alternative? I feel like Afrigator ina
wenyewe (Afrigator has it's owners)

There. I've said what some are thinking. Gators have sharp teeth and
they do bite so I'm going to find somewhere to hide my sweet ass even
though I hope we can still be friends.

PS: It's hilarious that as I was typing this out my ranking went back
to my regular 19th in Kenya and 420th in Africa. Seems I was only
Flavour of the Morning :)


  1. Minister for Water and Irrigation - very funny.

  2. Afrigator rankings got my knickers in a twist yesterday. Similar sort of story, so I sent an appropriately worded email to Stii..Btw, moving away is now on my list of things to consider.

  3. Hi Ty,

    Minister bila the cars or the salary ;(
    xxx xx

    Hi Anengiyefa,

    I see that Good ol' Stii addressed this issue today. Interesting. xxx xx

  4. dude, at leaqst your a minister, am ranked3438 in Africa and 216 in Kenya... am like a clerk deputy assistant temporary manager in city hall... lol

  5. Hi sid kachumbari,

    I hear you! Lakini hawa wa Kenya wenye IT knowhow wako wapi? We need it like yesterday wakule nyama ya advertising. xx xx

    PS: Deputy assistant temporary manager on secondment normally does the work of the mdosi ;)

  6. And does not get his salary... so.... lmao

  7. Hi sid kachumbari,

    I like, but remember salary isn't everything...there are nice cars to go with some jobs (ok below 1800cc is for boys, lol)

  8. ouch! there goes my street cred then... LOL

  9. ROFL! Nduguzanguni, heh na Tamaku, mumesema kweli. Wako wapi wa Kenya wenye IT knowhow?!! C'mon guys, that humility is not going to get you anywhere. Just Do It!

    BTW Tamaku, good job on keeping us going bwana. I enjoy your post, kwa wingi.

  10. Hi Mama Shujaa,

    I hope those Kenyan IT gals and boys who visit here don't only come at 2am after they've had some alcohol and just pushing any buttons :(
    I hope they read that we need them to set up a Kenyan blog aggregator with rankings, etc too! xxx xx


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