Saturday, November 27, 2010

I gotta a feeling

George and I just got back from visiting my friend Nyiva in Kangundo who's made a remarkable recovery from that bodaboda accident. Doctors are confident she'll be back at work in January which is nothing short of a miracle from when I last saw her. Also friends (Gay Knights of Nairobi - by invitation only) and family of mine clubbed some money together which means her son will also be in class when school reopens. There's some cash left over so they'll both definitely know it's Christmas time. Nyiva wants all of you to know how touched she was by your cyber prayers and kind words. Pat yourselves all on the back for that wonderful result.

Well, about that alleged two-timing incident with Lavish last week for which Kasapere now intimates I'm a rapist and lowlife, George and I are in a good place too. By the way I turned down an all expenses offer by Lavish early this week to go see her in Mombasa. I told her I'm not willing to take this to the next level and jeopardise what's dearest to me so I really hope you understand. Lavish said my heart desires you Tamaku but I'll do my best to back off. Then she added rather ominously, I usually get most things that I want so keep looking over your shoulder. We both laughed nervously at that implied threat, I scratched my testicles in camaraderie and replied eh missy, please don't go all psycho bitch on me now. Then we just left it at that.

After that conversation I called George and promised him that there wouldn't be a next time ever. I also more than made up to Gee for that indiscretion but I'm not going to reveal too much. All I can say is my supplication involved an intimate candlelit dinner somewhere very nice, a half bottle of Skyy vodka, Virgin Sudanese shea butter rubbed somewhere and some mind-blowing sex. Oh, the icing on the cake is the present of Christmas this year in England. I'm not too shy to unleash some spare financial firepower if it keeps us together. This morning after reading Kasapere's hurtful comments George tearfully told me I feel so blessed for this no ordinary love and I want you to know that you'll never be anyone's douchebag. So it's back to happy families.

On the way back from Kangundo (that road is an effing disgrace) I took this picture of men-at-work doing patchwork repairs. All is not lost though, a little bird sat on a lofty perch has just told me that total rehabilitation is penciled to begin early 2011 :)

We are both now slightly tired so we'll have a shagnap then shower and change before heading out to dinner with friends and some grueling (for me) clubbing. It's a small price for the privilege of having a younger man for a lover and best friend. Let no-one be under any illusion - George is the most loving, beautiful and hottest man alive. He is also irreplaceable. Lavish was horny-goat sex. Hope that has cleared it all up.

I've got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good, good night. Lovely Saturday night all. xxx


  1. Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together and let us celebrate the return of our funny, smart and thoughtful friend Tamaku!!!! The douchebag is gone and the real Tamaku is back. Tamaku you never stop to amaze me. First let me just say how proud I am of you for finally making that very clear distinction between love and lust and staying away from lust because lust sometimes (in fact more often than not) kills love. Although my comments might have come out as hurtful, they were not meant to be. I wanted to get real and talk about the issues at hand looking at the bottom line because as a friend (cyber friend) I owe it to both you and I to speak my truth without mincing my words. Let’s face it Lavish was very hot, fun and tempting but I am glad you clearly see that she is not worth the life you have built with George. I read your blog because you present the human experience in an honest amazing way that reveals you are an amazing guy who just likes to live his life the best way he can and celebrate the joy of being alive. As a result, when I started seeing the douchebag come out I was disappointed and even more disappointed when I saw that you were feeding on the praise from your “transgressions”. If I ever write a blog (assuming that you will read it) feel free to call me out on my transgressions please.
    I am glad that now you are in a better place with George and that you did the right thing regarding Lavish-Good for you. It would have been unwise to jeopardize your beautiful life with George for someone who feels entitled to you because as she mentions it she gets most things she wants……
    Am glad you are making it up to George and concentrating on the things that matter the most- Cheers to happy families. Also Taamku you are right-Maybe I need to get laid more often 
    Cheers and greeting from a proud follower of your blog  Also I acquired a ring am sure you would really like so I will take a picture and post here for you so that you can be very jealous… 
    I apologize for my harsh comments, they were meant to bring back the nice Tamaku. You are not a low life but your actions on that one were low life actions.

  2. God! Who made you the judge! Only wrong I see from Tamaku, was writing down what we ALL humans fantasize and actually partake of behind closed doors. We all have had sex with the probable exception of this Kasapere character. We all know when no means no. Besides, Lavish wouldn't have been calling his ass for round 2 if she actually meant no. She'd have tried to claw her way out the room! Do you Tamaku! Nobody but you and your man need to know and agree with what you do or don't. Keep entertaining us! Love your blog!

  3. Tamaku
    You did not lie or in any way attempt to deceive George before or after. Both of you know the conditions that will make your relationship history - It seems you honor those limits. You were upfront with Lavish and told her the truth before the drinking went down. She still wanted what she wanted. When she asked for declarations of love, you did not lie as many men would just to get over the moment. You did not exploit her with promises of what you don't intend to deliver..... Lavish seems like a woman with a good head on her shoulders and the economic means not to be a pawn in some mans fantasy. She is there with her eyes wide open.... I have to say that this is why I appreciate you...not so much for your exploits... I don't know about cruising the streets for temporary company... but I do love your honesty, humanity and commitment to what you have....
    The only person who should whip you into shape is your own conscience Tamaku... and you have more than most...



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