Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adults party all day and sleep all night

Good afternoon chaps and chapesses from blue-sky Nairobi. It's Imelda's day off so I made us a lettuce and tomato salad with bits of crispy bacon dressed in a Vidalia Onion dressing all scooped up in toasted pitta bread. I know the quickest route to my man's heart. Now George and I are just relaxing wearing only shorts in the garden under the cantilevered parasol drinking chilled passion juice mixed with kiwi fruits and a tinge of rum. This amazing country is good enough proof for me that God exists. If you doubt me ask Prince William why he chose Kenya to propose to his future wife. We are also listening and singing to Wayne Marshall's Good Love (the masterpiece riddim produced by Trevor Baby G). It goes like this: say she love my style, di way I profile....say she needs it harder, say she needs it stronger....

We're both, unsuccessfully I must add, trying out some badboy dancehall steps, lol.

Life is sweet. Only thing is I never got so much hate mail as I did since I told you all about my night with Lavish. I don't get it because George is cool with it, he understands that humans are complex when it comes to sexuality. People need to get real, come on, I only boned a girl it's not like I'm trying to breed a Martian. And it was consensual with all cards on the table facing up. Now I know not to tell everything that I get up to because what I normally write here is just a tiny slice of my life, hehehe. But even I sometimes think i go too far like the unforgettable night I spent with twin lesbians whom I met at Wikililye in Kitui years ago. That's why I'll always remain undercover. Have a lovely Sunday. xxx


  1. The way to George's heart is via a vegetarian pita bread ?? Tamaku, you can do better than that after last's week episode.............

  2. Hi just came across your blog. Needless to say I find it interesting. I found it by watching a documentary on Africa. I was googling Nairobi and came across this.
    Thanks for giving me more perpective on people living in Africa. It sounds like a great place to be.

  3. hi blogger we really enjoy your blog!!! keep it up brings us always a smile but what we truly love is how sometimes you love te exxxxagurate and add a pinch of salt to spice up your endevours being half dutch and half kenyan.. i do understand but what made us laugh and almost cracked a rib or two was your meeting with lavish (stint with victor and rolf) that went a bit to far i have a friend who is a chemist and works making perfumes for the big brands and unless you wear yourself victor and rolf your self, its almost impossible to make such a distinction on meeting some esp in the evening in a bar anyway we love the houmor in it..... well keep up the good writing keeps us gay kenyan boys laughing when we meet for our glass of pommery and review what you have written greetings from the hauge.....proost....

  4. Hi Anon 1,

    It wasn't all vegetarian, I added crispy collar bacon as well. I trimmed off all the excess fat

  5. Hi Mike,

    You're most welcome. Do try and visit - you'll love it here. xxx

    Hi Den Haag Anon,

    Me exaggerate? NEVER! I swear on my ex's foreskin it's all xxxx


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