Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Raila squanders decades of respect, reputation now in tatters as he topples himself from pedestal

I have been a lifelong admirer of Prime Minister Raila Odinga from his days as a human rights and pro-democracy activist. This is a man who has the scars that bear testament to the brutality and injustices of Moi’s repressive regime when he was ordered detained for years without trial. Raila has been feted home and abroad as a champion of causes that affect the marginalized and the neglected. Only a few weeks ago- I think it was during Mashujaa Day - he spoke convincingly of a New Kenya where citizens’ private lives would be free from the control of the State and we cheered him on because we thought here is a politician with depth.

That’s why the PM’s recent Kamukunji edict that police should arrest gays comes as a huge shock. Raila now risks being unmasked as a shameless circus-performer whose only ambition is to become at best a benevolent tyrant if he ever sees the presidency. He campaigned, as did many gay Kenyans, for a new constitution to enshrine individual rights and liberties but in essence he would rather reform our Police into a Gestapo-style organization snooping around its citizens’ bedrooms.

Therefore can the Prime Minister also issue a statement to clarify just how police are to identify homosexuals before arresting them? Will it now be an offence for two men to be enjoying a quiet drink together if none of them is married? Will police now patrol the estates in vans festooned with ‘Government of Kenya Rectal Exam Unit’? And if one is identified as homosexual will he be sent to the Kenyan colony on Mars since homosexuality is considered ‘unAfrican’ and 'unnatural'? I seriously want to put this whole saga to one side and accept it as just cheap politics and playing to the gallery in the week we heard about drug-trafficking government officials but I still can’t help thinking it is unethical conduct and most unbecoming of the office of Prime Minister.

A big monumental letdown. Why Raila, why did you do it?


  1. Tamaku thank you for talking about this matter.
    I am deeply disappointed that Raila can utter such dangerous comments and I have in fact emailed his office today and the office of his adviser Miguna Miguna.
    People who can do anything for power do not really deserve to be president.
    I am appealing to the Kenyan gay community and all allies world wide to let your voices be heard on this. Email email email call call call facilitate dialogue in all possible ways.

  2. How shameful, retrogressive , contradictory and plain thick of the PM to utter such nonsense! He says our constitution is the best in the world, now lets arrest gays...MY MY MY!
    From one who claims to fight for the common man, talking the talk of dinosaur African dictators, i am thoroughly disgusted and have lost my esteem for the man. I cannot even begin to imagine how the persecuted and bullied Kenyan sexual minorities feel.
    PM,you have to think about this , and re address the issue. Do not be one of those who utter rogue nonsense just to get crowds to roar your name. Its unjust, unfair and unconstitutional. And yes, you Kenyans supporting his stand do not understand your rights and freedoms and you and your children will never attain them. Period.

  3. finally just like ruto you have seen the real raila that kikuyus have always told you about...so much for the praises you used to sing about him..

  4. It does not come as a surprise to some of us. It is a pattern with the man, says one thing and a few hours/days later retracts or tries to "clarify". He speaks with a forked tongue.

  5. I do not support gay organisations and on this matter i support tinga completely. What you need is go to hospital and get checked.

  6. SO apparently Raila has retracted his earlier remarks for the arrest of the LGBTQ community or rather he is taking the coward's way out by claiming that he was misquoted after realizing that though his populist remarks might garner him the votes in Kibera, his integrity is what is going to earn him a name in the international community which Kenya badly needs.
    I am still deeply disappointed and offended by his remarks and conduct afterward. The mark of true leadership is doing the right thing and taking personal responsibility even when it is inconvenient. Raila should first acknowledge that he did in fact utter those comments then explain to Kenyans his alleged change of heart. He should then apologize to the Kenyan LGBTQ community, Kenyans in general then retract his orders officially to clear up this confusion. This political double speak is just plain dishonesty. If this Kenya's future president then as a country we are definitely in trouble. One thing I know is that I will not vote for him and either will my household-We have had this discussion already.

  7. Karembo don't vote for Tinga, that is your decision but truth is even if he did not make the comment you would have found a reason not to anyway. I personally support the guy and am in total disagreement with what he said but this is not something that will make me not vote for him. Its too flimsy a reason. Secondly how many lies has the kibaki government and its officials released in the last 8 years and you chaps commented in a blog about it? I am sure it saddened you to a huge extent. You would still vote in these chaps. You say double speak and frankly if you chaps listened to him well enough and actually authenticated what the papers do report you would be surprised at how there is a quite some disinformation fed by the media. Unfortunately most kenyans are too daft to know what the hell is going on in kenya and the media does know this quite well. Raila goofed and as his supporters are pissed at him. The rest of you are looking at any reason to show that your vote is not tribal in 2012. Good for you. Truth is the people who really vote and who matter do not have internet access and careless for gays!

  8. I so want to cry right now. From grace to grass in 0 time. Utterly disappointing. I wonder who his political advisor is doing! nktesticles yeye!!!


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