Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Matthew has arrived

Hello people, a lot has happened lately. I haven’t just been lazy and absent from the blog without good reason nor have I been away in Uganda to see mountain gorillas although that’s one of my Top Ten Things To Do Before I Die. Recently I changed the look just to give the blog a brighter look. I hope you tell me that you likey likey. My friend Sheila had her first baby two Mondays ago, a boy who premiered in at a whopping 5 kilos. I applaud Sheila who like many other women decided to keep the baby even when it’s father did a Houdini the second she announced the pregnancy. Long story for another day. When I arrived late in the evening at the hospital  I found the actual  drama was already underway and the smiling Kenyan nazi at reception said I was not allowed in to see my friend. So I spent a chilly night at a nearby hotel till the next the morning.  George was on the phone to me until I fell asleep because he knows just how attached I am to my pal. Well, I can’t even start to tell you  just how overwhelming it was to meet my latest godson, something powerful and heart-warming tugged deep inside me that I actually shed tears. 

When I spoke to a sleepy Sheila I asked her whether childbirth had been as painful as having a battalion of safari ants chewing away at her privates. She bit hard on her lower lip slowly shaking her head: ‘Tamaku?’

I said, ‘Yes?’

She continued: ‘You know the pain you feel when you shit a fat del monte pineapple from Thika?’ My eyes watered as I nodded because I could imagine it was no walk in the park.  ‘Yes Sheila, I can appreciate that…’

She laughed wryly and cut me short: ‘No Tam. I’ve got news for you and all the men out there. You need to imagine having that whole pineapple shoved up back inside you and then yanked out. Times 100. Hehe, giving birth is no joke but looking at my son now I can say it has all been worth it.’

I went silent  and started sweating just thinking about the generosity of all the women across the world who choose motherhood. On behalf of all men folk let me say we will never be able to repay you, thank you so much mums.

A day later I got Sheila and beautiful baby Matthew back home and I’ve been spending a lot of enjoyable time at their flat. The other day when Sheila was breastfeeding her son she said to me I never thought that one day I’d be showing you my boobs Tamaku, and thanks so much for being here for us both. I smiled and said it’s the least that I should do and don’t worry about the nipples that Matt is sucking on because if all people  felt at ease with themselves and didn't  bother to cover their dolly partons then the global economic downturn would never have happened. It's the simple things that give joy.

Happy days indeed, even the endless changing of diapers and getting baby sick down inside my shirt when I burp him over my shoulder. This is bliss.


  1. omg ! this site is the best discovery since....well i cant find a comparison for that...anyway what i am trying to say is, you have inspired me tremendously. Don't get me wrong, i am not gay or anything, but in the two days that i read your blog you have really opened my mind. i am 24 and all my life i've been really sheltered, so oblivious of a lot of stuf. at least , thats what i've realized....thank you so much for this blog .mad love Eve

  2. owe us many more pieces, you've been gone too long :( but good one.

    New look.....Just okay, maybe try another one before making a final decision :)

  3. Hi Eve,

    Hey sweetie, welcome to my world..hehehe. Love ya... xxx

    Habari Spicysamosa,

    Hi darling, look out for the one on BP oil is work in progress, as I am too. xxx xxx

  4. Wow, that sounds sweet, i love kids and i can feel your joy. I had started to wonder what had happened but now that you are back, keep spicing our lives with your writing. Pass my regards to little Matt.

  5. tamaku kila siku was checking your blog but where were you?welcome back hope your mastories is ta chacha.Matiti yasondwa na mtoto huanguka kama nazi zisokoma mwambie huyo rafiki yako ampe chupa au?

  6. Hmmm,i think someone's getting broody :)

  7. Honestl, i don like the new look. kwanza the post area is waay too narrow! then the colors! eish! maybe its just me.

    but i like the fact that ur as ron says...BROODY! :d

  8. Hi Sinia Safi,

    I'm okay, I passed your regards to Matt but he peed in my face...hehehe. xxx

    Sema Anon,

    Maziwa ya matiti ndio poa na mtoto. But I can't remember how it tastes...mmmmm, I'll have to see whether Sheila will let me have a go. When Matt has had his fill of course. xxx

    Hi Ron,

    You could be

    Hey Lindsay,

    I know what you mean about the post area being small. Nikipata time nitajaribu kuitweak - as in tweak a nipple! lol. Thanks sweetie. xxx xxx


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