Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who is the cause of Raila’s headache?

When I heard news that the Prime Minister was in hospital for a minor operation to relieve pressure outside his brain which we are told was causing him headaches, I thought please let everything turn out ok because there’s nothing routine about that part of the body. I’m glad to hear he’s doing fine after the drive-by scalping (hey, I'm not a doctor) because excess pressure like a fart is better out than in.

I’m a long time Raila fan. I used to like his fiery politics of 'socialism' when he was in Opposition but even now that he’s in the billionaire’s club he still retains a certain magnetism and has charisma in truckloads. I mean which other of our politicians could make a hospital gown and hideous cap look alluring?

I wish him a speedy recovery, there’s work to be done. xx xx


  1. I hope he heals soon too. When I read the title of this post I had to smile because my mind went far but it's innocent :)

  2. hahahaa Only Odinga can make a hideous cap look alluring. I wish him quick recovery. I hope the problem is as little as is being reported.

  3. Hey cdohnio,

    You're learning me haraka sana, lol. Tell me, how far did your mind nani ulikuwa unamfikiria? :)

    Kisses to Shikoo...sema. Nimekumiss. xxx

  4. Well I thought of mistresses, wife and maybe kids thrown in there! ;)


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