Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama says Osama 'dead'

We're watching Citizen TV where President Obama is giving a statement from the White House to announce that fugitive terrorist Osama bin Laden has been killed. Whoop!


  1. Hey Tamaku, love your blog. U used to blog more frequently than you do now. What happened? I miss the frequent flow of humorous storoz.

    Psst.. say hi to George

  2. Tamaku
    Where are you ( and George ).
    It was one of the highlights of my day to read your blog but alas u are now very quiet. The main thing is, are you both OK and just a bit bored with let us know what is up ( or down....!!)

  3. Naona sio mimi pekee nimekosa cha kusema ...

  4. What happened to you Tamaku? You ok?

  5. Now I am worried:>( You ok? Jamani... Kimya kimezidi!

  6. i didnt look in your blog for quite a long time, but i did right now, looking forward to some new great stories, maybe get to know howz it going on with romantic you and george...
    I really love reading your blog, but now I'm really worried. I with all my senses hope you are okay. just leave a message maybe saying both of you are on a romantic trip to europe or sth like this. if not naona lazima niwainform wa ilga.

  7. hej, are you okay?
    just leave any message that you are.

  8. Tamaku
    Please drop your fans a line and let us know if you are ok and just bored with your blog or if by any chance one of your close friends knows about your blog,can they update us that you are "alive and kicking".....


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