Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To all our concerned friends

This is a quick note to say that we're all alive and well, just been busy doing some 'maintenance'.

Check back soon. xxx


  1. hEY!glad to finally see you are alive......i hope 'check back soon' doesn't mean 3 months later,you will write another short post :'(

  2. Tamaku
    So glad to hear you ( are both!! ) alive and kicking but it would be interesting to know what you are " maintaining " ???

    Your legion of fans cannot wait to read your regular blogs again and like the previous comment, don't leave it 3 months.

  3. you've been too quiet. missed your posts.

  4. Tamaku

    I have never seen " Maintainance " taking such a long time....what's up. If it were my car I would just tell them to change the oil...!!!

    Look forward to your re-newing your blog - we enjoy it.

  5. I really miss your posts. Whats going on there in kenya? I hope you are fine. don't let it be three month again plz

  6. so when will this maintenance be over???


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