Friday, April 8, 2011

What would Jomo make of all this?

I'm sitting at home watching Live NTV showing Uhuru Kenyatta, son of Kenya's founding president, appearing at the Hague accused of crimes against humanity. Looks like the penny has just dropped...


  1. Hi Tamaku,

    I just started a blog " The Kenya Uchunguzi Torch"

    Please follow me.


  2. Tam
    I would agree that we are all on your side ( or at least the vast majority of us are..) with regards to our political situation but what we are realy interested in , is your love life!!

  3. hey there boss,

    Your blog is a tickler i swear. Thanks. So anyway bou this Jomo spawn, he is who his father was only in a differnt context which makes him seem uglier. Founding father or otherwise, Jomo was a man who would be where uhuru is today if he were not lying dead on h.avenue

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  5. Hi Tamaku, I hope you are alive and breathing. Its been so long.


  6. Please give us another post....I think if Jommo were around heads would be rolling from state house to parliament and Ocampo would have been caned seriously


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