Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mouth-watering sights around Nairobi

I had lunch yesterday at Dormans on Mama Ngina Street. I prefer that cafe to Java which is always crowded and has long felt like a Mogadishu souk. I was served by Bernard who is very good looking, strong and black just the way I like my tea. He previously worked at the Junction branch where I'm sure he left many hearts broken. Lunch (see pic) was a delicious chilli burger topped with melted cheese and chillied fries that I smothered in ketchup. I also had a coke to cool my tongue because of all the chilli but I'd definitely recommend it especially at just ksh 500.

After lunch I still had some time to kill so I walked up towards the City Market enjoying the sunshine and checking out the beautiful people of Nairobi behind my dark shades. You'd never in a million years guess who I came across. Imagine coming face to face with UK TV presenter and heartthrob Reggie Yates casually strolling along Koinange Street! I couldn't believe my eyes and what a fine, fine sight (mmmm) he makes in real life. Dude was standing at least 6 foot tall in a tight t-shirt showing chiselled arms covered in beautiful tattoo ink. He was wearing what I'm reliably informed are jodhpurs (I want a pair NOW) and chunky fuck-me military boots. The hunk was also well accessorised with a monster SLR camera round his large right hand. Pure magic.

It's no secret that Nairobi is a playground of the rich and famous but this was still a big surprise. I tapped Reggie on the shoulder said hey, UK man, he turned, looked at me and -credit to him - he looked unflustered as he smiled and said 'wassup' back at me. Shame I wasn't quick enough to snap a pic. Take if from me it was still a pleasurable though brief encounter....


  1. damn he looks nice. i even pictured him for myself according your description
    * yummy* i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE big hands. lol

  2. you are amazing tamaku.......first time reading this and you are defiantly a captivating writer....and please get back with George

  3. Oh my days you saw him and his sexy self?
    I'm actually in the UK right now i've been following ths show they're doing back home (Kenya)
    im in uni here
    a bunch of UK celebs Reggie included are living in Kibera with people and working to experience what its like
    proper touching.
    Reggie was crying, and Lenny Henry is on as well. If you check out Channel 4 maybe you can find it, it's really an eye opener.

    BTW Im a big big big fan :)

  4. Jodhpurs. I would never in a million years have guessed what those are.


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