Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to look half your age

Sheila remarked the other day, 'your skin is so soft; what's the secret?' As a gay man I pay more attention than your average woman to my looks. My daily regime includes a foaming cleanser, a base of sun protection factor 25 moisturiser and finally a thin mask of a re-hydrating moisturiser. Currently I find that Clinique products work best for me so I've deployed the full arsenal to my dressing table (see pic) with excellent results.

Previously I used Creme de la mer regularly (courtesy of Christmas, birthday, anniversary, fuckfest prezzies from a grateful ex, lol!). I still have half a tub left over sitting by my sink. However, even though it's very effective at hiding wrinkles there's no way I can justify the chunky price tag.


  1. yeah, clinique products are nice. my mom uses them.
    but if one wants to go the natural way, which i do, pure shea butter does wonders on your skin. i had bad acne due to puberty and i'm 19... but since last year November i've been using shea butter og Black Soap for my skin. its nice! my skin is toned, it feels smooth and nice.

    and i used jojoba, grapeseed and almond oil for my skin. body and face. it works trust me.
    well, im from Uganda and some women use cow ghee for their skin, especially those from the southwest and their skins glow....

    ( : sorry for spamming your blog, lol.

  2. Ala!!! Your regime is 94.99% more involving than mine! And I'm the girl! No wonder I'm single!!!

    My face is very sensitive and I got tired of looking for what works for it. And I neither have the time, energy nor the patience!

    I call this a real challenge!

  3. Tamaku......and shaving ???. Your chin and not....................!!!

  4. Lol Spinster. If you ever needed challenge... here we are.


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