Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kalonzo Musyoka has egg all over his face (I wish it was vomit)

Nationmedia are reporting that Kenya's bid to defer the ICC case against Kenya Ocampo Six (KeOS) is dead in the water as the US refuses to back VP Musyoka's representations. Welcome, though predictable news.

When the epitaph for Kenya's Vice President is written it should read: 'Here lies that backstabbing, snake-in-the-grass, hireling of bloodsucking vampires and poster child for impunity.'

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  1. and i hope they add that he was also a stupid pushover and hypocrite without a mind of his own

  2. Yes I think the vast majority would agree with you and lets hope the UK/UK use their veto if the UN have to vote on the Hague trials. Now on a more happier note , or at least we hope it is a happier note, how is George ??


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