Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to make love to a woman

Hi diary. What have I been up to? Well this morning Imelda and I decided to go to Nairobi's Central Business district, something we very rarely do. The streets are just too crowded and it feels as if one is always navigating around people who stop to chat in the middle of the sidewalks oblivious of other pedestrian traffic. Anyway we parked the car at the Stanley carpark where the Nakumatt store that was destroyed by fire used to be. Then we made our way along Kimathi Street, Imelda was making me laugh saying that I should have worn that scarf I recently knitted for George because I was saying how cold I was in just a t-shirt. It's ridiculous that Nairobi is still chilly in the mornings even now in September.

We looked at some shop windows along Mama Ngina Street and went into Bata just next to Dormans where I treated Imelda to a lovely pair of brown Hush Puppies. She was over the moon with them. I was too with the free gift of a hijab which I got as part of the Eid Mubarak promotion that Bata have on at the moment. After that we popped into Dormans for an early lunch. I had grilled beef kebabs with sorrowful looking chips and served with a slice of tomato and a slice of cucumber! Imelda had a fish curry served with fried vegetable rice and a more substantial side salad.

I was feeling sleepy after the meal so Imelda drove us back home. I've just turned on my laptop sitting in the garden thinking about that hijab which I plan to wear for George coming home from work today. We can have some role play, I think I'll ask him to call me Shaafia for one night only, lol! I wanted to know how to wear the hijab like the alluring Kenyan Muslim women that fascinate me so much when I see them on the streets so I decided to ask google how. When I typed 'how to..' the top suggestion that showed up was 'how to make love to a woman'....Hmmmm. Surely.


  1. Welcome back,

    Now the science of making love to a woman is both daunting and paradoxically satisfying. First the man takes his... and then the Birds and Bees join together in a harmonious song and dance number that is worthy of an episode of Glee.

    Have fun with the role play. Keep it down this time, We the People of Kiambu Road need some shut eye tonight!

    Eid Mumbarak

  2. I adore Kenyan salads.

    One slice at a time.


  3. Can I borrow Imelda? She just sounds adorable!

  4. When i grow up, i want to write just like you!!! Hilarious read and the ending is just rib-cracking. Am a writer and I am picking up lots of stuff from you. Make your posts longer, they end too soon...

  5. Thank You for shopping with us and for sharing the link! :-)

  6. I don’t like to infuse words and view most of the time, but the one you have just make me want to smile and say, go ahead keep me up to date together with your thinking, nice post by the way

  7. Very inspiring post, I could really feel you words inside my head, have you ever thought about a writing career? I'm sure i would buy your works.

    Best regards,

  8. Pretty good insights. I learn a lot from you buddy! Keep it up!


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