Friday, September 10, 2010

Eid Mubarak

Imelda and I are on our way to Kangundo to visit a friend. At the moment though we are just getting baked under the hot Nairobi sun because Imelda opted for the Outer Ring Road instead of Jogoo Road now we are at a standstill at the Kariobangi roundabout. Maina Kageni is doing a good job at Classic 105 fm spinning some superb old skool. Treat her like a lady just played, I winked at Imelda, she says I always treat her like one. I said that's easy to do because you are a true lady.


  1. Are these the posts you do via ur phone? Nice.

  2. Hi Lind,

    Yeah, mobile posting for blogs is rather handy. For instance, now I'm lying in bed with Gee who's watching some Nollywood on Classic TV as I type this out. xxx xx


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