Thursday, July 29, 2010

New look

Hey, how are my fellow homos, lezzies, t-girls, bi’s and straights? Hope you are all well and happy enjoying life.

I was bored with the other blog template so I decided to go for a new look. Also Lindsay said she didn’t like the previous one because of the colours. So here we go yet again. Happy with this one sweetie? This particular template is Ribena-red and not Rutonomics-red, lol. You should all know by now that I’m all for passing the draft Constitution on August 4th. Nothing much been happening with us lately, just sleep a lot, play scrabble, cook sometimes and wait for it - I’m even learning how to knit!! Yes, I’m knitting George a scarf which he has promised to wear in the evenings when we go out. Imelda has been teaching me how to weave some magic with wool. I must admit it’s very enjoyable, I might even knit some legwarmers for him keeper-of-the-key-to-my-heart. I'm not sure if he'll wear them to work, hahaha. Otherwise I’m bored as hell waiting for next week when lives will resume with a renewed hope for the future (fingers crossed).

I’ll be back soon. Just tell me what you think about the template. Love ya. xxx xxx


  1. Thumbs up! nice edge to it. GO GREENS!!!

  2. Ahem! Anengiyefa coughs loudly, clears his throat and coughs loudly again! Well, its kind of bright..

  3. Hi NF,

    Thanks, YES, GREEN all the way!! Hakuna hangover on the 4th, voting ni lazima. xxx

    Hey Anengiyefa,

    ''s kind of bright..'..that's a good thing? Tamaku smiles brightly, tugs a hair on Gee's left nipple xxx x

  4. LOL!

    After telling us to vote YES then..err..okay its not red then. I agree.

    Its so so cool! Me Likey!! :D :D

    p.s. umeona yangu?


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