Sunday, July 25, 2010

It’s Referendum Not Referendumb!

Hello diary. Well, it’s now just 10 short days before we vote for the chance to usher in a New Order. Lies are being peddled by desperate politicians who think they are still the penis of Kenya. Unimaginatively they continue to cultivate the regressive politics of fear. It’s a fact that they are champions of a primitive but dangerous conspiracy driven by ambition to attain higher office at whatever cost. It must not succeed. We are warned that the draft Constitution is not the right one by a tyrant who was at the helm during those dark decades of brutal misrule, looting orgies and assassinations. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters were tortured. Countless were denied their rights by those who now assume the moral high ground. We may forgive the oppressor but we will never forget their wickedness.

Embedded within this group are the feudal lords who shamelessly traverse the country aboard helicopters while we know that they even stole morsels from the mouths of Kenya’s orphans. It’s unfortunate that they still walk free brandishing trademark rungus (some gold-tipped, others beaded) to tell us what to be afraid of but not what to be hopeful for. Thankfully citizens are much wiser and have the courage to say that the emperor and his coterie in the Red corner wear no clothes. Today the majority of Kenyans are ready to step up and deliver that knockout punch.

There comes a moment in life for some very tough decisions. I am excited to feel these refreshing winds of change blowing from the horizon. Young and not so young know that the time is upon us to move this country forward - a date with destiny when patriots must make the selfless defining choice for the common good. My fellow Kenyans, we are also presented with a rare opportunity to heal some of the wounds from the post election violence that almost destroyed our great nation.

That’s why I am asking you to do what is right for your country come 4th August 2010; please vote YES for the change we all deserve.


  1. Poignant and timely post. Now President Obama vows to go after these bastards who stole our cash.

  2. Hey Anon,

    That's what this Constitution row is all about - protecting ill-gotten wealth.


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