Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love to hatred turned

Have you heard the sad story about betrayal and revenge doing the rounds here in Nairobi? The cast is a man, his wife and a young male lover; this unlikely ménage à trois coming unstuck in rather spectacular fashion. Allow me to introduce you to Carlos, his wife Jennifer and their neighbours’ 20 year old son Chris.

Carlos and Jennifer have been happily married for just over 8 years. Carlos holds a senior position in a bank while Jennifer’s work as a purser for a local airline means a weekly sojourn to faraway places sometimes for up to 3 days. Together with their 6 year old daughter Amani they live in a lush part of Nairobi, the bronze-tinted windows of their penthouse overlooking the expensive valleys of Riverside.

Upstairs from them live a middle-aged couple with their only son Chris who attends a local university. Two months ago Carlos and Jennifer spotted smiling Chris waving to them past parked cars, his Jo Malone-of-London wafting through the basement; Carlos remarked to his wife ‘look at that homo,’ damning words spat out to convey disgust, even as they smiled and waved back at their young neighbour.

They would all meet again under very different circumstance; two Tuesdays ago to be precise when Jennifer’s flight to London was cancelled due to a mechanical fault and she found herself unannounced at 2am turning the key to the front door of her home. Being a school night and not wishing to awaken young Amani, Jennifer tiptoed in and switched on their bedroom light to the shock of…how shall I put it…her husband Carlos and a young man she came to identify as Chris-from-upstairs in fragante delicto.

After the exchange of unspeakable words and removing the last of Carlos’ personal belongings from the flat 2 days later, Jennifer sat down to exact her revenge. When she had finished typing she sent this story with each unedited lurid detail to every contact in her husband’s work laptop.

Chris’ parents are paying for him to see a psychologist while Carlos has not been seen by anyone since.


  1. The term "thou doth protest too much" comes to mind...that which we abhor is that we ourselves are.

  2. @Anon:

    Completely agree. Many who gay-bash are gay themselves...mmmm.

  3. my interest in this story lies however with Carlos's secret, there are to many people out there leading secret or double lives. yes it is unforgivable to gay bash, but that my freind isn't what i took from the post. a lot of people, rightly or wronglt, feel they need to put on a show or a farcade of having a (for lack of a more appropriate word) hetrosexual life. Whilst doing this they believe they are doing the right thing for all parties, but like a good friend of mine pointed out to me recently, they are just hurting more than themselves when they do this. now im not saying i can begin to understand why they choose to do this. but i do fear there is more of these lifestyles than we aware of.

    Spyke X

  4. Spyke,

    Check out this blog for more on the subject. :)


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