Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The gay man's sport

Last night’s Man U-Inter match was a very dull affair. A little like my insipid love life at the moment. I watched the game at a friend’s house, through three Imara-kama-Simbas and a fine dish of Ugali with beef stew. I woke this morning to the sound of roaring lions in my head which I blame on the Pilsners; I am sticking to Tusker from now on.

Pretty-faced Ronaldo is ok but best player on and off the pitch has to be man’s-man Giggs who seems to be having a renaissance – I feel like I’m due a renaissance myself. For a gay man like me, watching footie is all about checking out who looks hot and who’s not so hot.

If I were a manager picking a fantasy team for the premier league of a very different kind of sport… tag-team would definitely feature Giggs. I also wouldn’t complain about a tackle from Ashley Cole and neither would I bring myself to kick Theo Walcott out of bed. I’m not a Ronaldo hater but his delicate looks don't score with me. I find him too ‘trophy-wifey’ for my liking. And if I worked in the locker-room then Lampard should definitely have an early bath every day! (I couldn't resist the puns, sorry).

You can say I have a deep and thorough understanding of the sport.


  1. Yes i can empasise (although not spell) with that though ronaldo trophy wife as you see him, looks more like an innocent to me, and i just like tainting the innocent

  2. Hi Spyke,

    "and i just like tainting the innocent" if I knew you I'd say you had the morals of an alley

  3. unfortunatly not, i can talk the talk but in the end, i just toe the line im afraid. i respect people to much, dont get me wrong if given the oppurtunity it is certainly an offer i wouldn't immediatly decline. but i think to highly of people. still i do love to taint people, however i just need to wait for people to want to be tainted. but then it doesn't really count.

    Spyke X


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