Friday, February 27, 2009

The handsome policeman calls me

Today I received an sms from the traffic policeman with killer looks from last week. Ever since I handed him my bogus business card with my mobile number printed on it, I have used a different route to work so as to avoid seeing him. I analyze that I was wracked by the guilt of him not being interested. Also I figured that to see the object of my secret desires too often may have led me to do something reckless which could place me in jeopardy. I don’t want the complications that such a situation may bring. You can say again ‘once bitten, twice shy’, but that’s a story for another day. And yes, my moral compass hasn’t completely broken down yet.

The message in Sheng, that delicious blend of Swahili and English spoken mainly in urban Kenya was brief, just to say he was that policeman from last week.

‘Ni mimi yule karao wa juzi, Please call me so we can meet’.

I should confess to experiencing an aching twinge of excitement from the prospect of a clandestine conquest. However I checked myself and hesitated: Policemen here are in the news lately for very sinister reasons.

So I saved the message that came in at 11am and only responded to it as I left the office this evening. My wait also serves to give me leverage as I would not want to appear overly keen. Ok, desperate. I chose my words carefully, editing ruthlessly before sending, ‘I am away in Mombasa; I’ll call you next week’.

I get to retain the power of play as I plan our rendezvous to my advantage.


  1. What is it with handsome policemen? I can't forget taking longing looks at those smartly turned out uniformed men on the streets of African cities, although never having the courage to approach any of them...

  2. Hello Anengiyefa,

    Perhaps these 'symbols' represent authority with all it's promises (the mirage of security, reliability - please don't laugh, the African experience with police can be anything but - and safety). Many a gay man will attest to similar feelings.

  3. well i must admit to such feelings myself. however its not just policemen for me,i think its just uniforms in general, i thinks its the respect or athority that we associate with uniforms in general. well at least for me it is. and im a firm believer of playing it safe, not to eager, not to dissinterested, but find a nice balance in the middle, go you.

    Spyke X

  4. LOL You just got yourself an smser not a caller, it seems someone just got himself a townie!! Can't believe you labeled it under "caution" It's funny... Yeah! be Careful

  5. Spyke,

    Seems like we are reading from the same script...
    Never jump in with eyes shut!

    Haute Haiku,
    Lol, call/'s one of those 'kenyanis


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