Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lenny, the Wife and I

Something happened to me the other day at the local supermarket. I was entertaining at home and popped into Nakumatt to re-stock the vino.

Down the aisle past the detergents I spotted Lenny from two weeks before. I had met him on a Friday night at the pub in Westlands where it packs with Nairobi’s party animals and the party spills onto the sidewalk. It’s the colorful sort of place that professionals go after work to mix with other pros at work. Lenny athletic, dark and handsome stood out in his grey wool-mix suit while sitting at the bar. We soon struck conversation and, to cut a long but delightful story short, enjoyed breakfast together the following morning at my house.

Anyway back to Nakumatt and Lenny elegantly leading his shopping-trolley towards the bakery counter. As I come into his view I notice a young woman to his side pushing a pram with a baby asleep in it. Lenny notices me but in the next instant flashes the hardest look that freezes, ‘NO!’ I oblige and steer past Lenny, the young woman with the baby and the stacks of freshly-baked loaves.

Back in the car with my bottles of wine, I paused to think about what had just transpired. My thoughts were interrupted by the phone beeping. It was an sms from Lenny:

‘Sorry I am with the wife. You understand?’

It’s not a problem; it’s not just me with something to hide…


  1. Working on a post of married men that will sort of clear why these things happen.

    Great blog! At least now am not the only visible queer on KBW

  2. Hi Gay Nairobi Man,

    I look forward to your post on why married men play both ways!
    And thanks for the compliment too - your blog inspired me to get mine going. Wish more people would blog ..

  3. Short sighted and all, but dude is a cheat and selfish.

  4. @Anon

    I try not to judge. The life that I lead has exposed me to that deep well of complex behaviours found in human nature.

  5. cheat or not he has a secret to hid as do we all and anyone who doesn't, is lying to those around him and more importantly may even be lying to himself. all we can do is be supportive, when we inadvertantly find out a secret we were not meant to know and try our hardest not to judge. because fear of what people might do or think is what is keeping it a secret in the first place. Spyke XX

  6. @Spyke,

    I respect people's choices as I wish mine to be respected...

  7. i wish more people were like you, more understanding, and willing to look at things from every angle, not just a narrow window that surveys just a fraction of what is there.

    Good on you.

    Spyke X


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