Saturday, April 2, 2011

Normal service resumes shortly

Hello sweeties. I'm ok, George is well too. In fact I left him in our bed purring away - it's a story for another day. I'm at the Muthaiga roundabout in traffic listening to Classic 105 heading for a 9 o'clock meeting at Parklands Sports Club with the insurance guy.

Should I disclose that I've recently received death threats?

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  1. Tam
    Death threats !!
    Well if they cam from George I would not be surprised!!
    Enjoy the weekend with purring Gee..........

  2. what? death threats?
    f*ck them all.

  3. This is the 10th time i've checked this blog :D im that curious......LOVE your writing :)

  4. Hi Tamaku bumped into ur blog and since then can't stop reading your post. It's very interesting :).
    Sorry about the death threats. Hope they go away soon.


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