Saturday, December 18, 2010

Travel blues

We've just been to the airport only to discover that BA have cancelled tonight's flight from NBO due to adverse weather at LHR.

Nothing much one can do about it if the good pilot doesn't feel like skating a 777 Boeing full of passengers across an icy runway. We managed to get rebooked out tomorrow night but that's also subject to overnight conditions at Heathrow. BTW, BA Nairobi staff could teach KQ check-in crew a thing or two about service with a smile. Aaaargh, the snow fairy is eating into our precious vacation time!! Right now we are ensconced in Maina's cab leaving the airport for home. I guess it's not all bad, another night for George and I in our own bed can only be a good thing. I hope Imelda hasn't got the house full of a raging bash thinking we are already away, lol!


  1. Sorry about that. We are expecting a snow storm too.
    Merry Christmas!!! -I hope you get to jet off to London soon <3 <3
    Also I just got dumped so hello lonely Christmas here I come :0(

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