Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh no, the party season is upon us again!

Today has been a crazy day with last minute shopping for the wonderful friends and family we plan to see on our trip to the UK. One thing that should never be missed from these goodie bags is Kenyan tea and coffee and good old Royco mchuzi mix. My brother Timmy always asks me not to forget the washing up paste Axion - the grease stripper - he says it does a fantastic job at cleaning the rims to his tyres.

After shopping George and I stopped for a quick grab to eat at Java Mama Ngina street. We each had toasted beef and cheddar sandwiches with homemade fries and a woeful garden salad (see pics). That's what's wrong with this country, wherever I look I just can't seem to get a decent salad.

Anyway now we are just resting before hitting the town for some drinks. First stop Mercury Lounge (it's been a while) then finish off at Black Diamond. The season to make merry is well and truly here.

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  1. Would it have killed to have just tossed that salad (*giggle*) the slightest bit?


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