Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scarecrows like Apostle Dorothy Kweyu can’t walk the talk

I’d like those of you who haven’t done so to meet Dorothy Kweyu, world-renowned thinker who happens to be revise editor at Kenya’s most successful media stable. Dee is also a shining beacon of everything Christian and how to raise the perfect kids as she often likes to remind her readers. Her least successful exploit though is as a mother. Why do I say that? Her hobby, when she’s not shaking the tambourine to O When The Saints Go Marching In, is gay bashing and preaching intolerance. Lately this has also become her specialist subject at work. This Dorothy is no friend.

People like Dee with their Victorian prudery do a great disservice to children whom they fervently wish to imbue an alien moral and social code at odds with modern life. They make poor parents because of their blissful ignorance hiding behind the scriptures whenever their capacity to further interrogate their own particular sense of sexual morality is called to question. They can only regurgitate some verse from an over-thumbed Old Testament promising the wrath of God over matters they disagree. DK, you’ll find that kids nowadays need more than just ‘because I tell you so.’

Dotty is obsessed with the lives of gay and lesbian citizens seeing them as the greatest evil that has permeated all parts of everyday Kenyan life. When a matatu driver cuts her up while approaching a roundabout - assuming she drives a car and not a horse-drawn carriage - it's because he must be sitting on an unlubricated buttplug. Of course he is driving like a maniac because he's dashing off for a quick shag with the conductor. People like her often blame others for their inadequacies. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, she probably thinks the reason she hasn't made the higher echelons is because she refuses to crop her hair and wear combat trousers to work.

Dorothy will find it a compliment when I say she has been uneconomical with the truth because I’m a gay man and therefore an ‘abomination’ to her god and fellow men. I’ve also read some rather unflattering things said about St. Dorothy. You can read them here. She is misusing her position by espousing personal prejudices in the national press by writing homophobia-filled articles and only choosing to invite 'expert' input from right-wing Christian doctors who share her bigotry. NMG take note, this kind of unbalanced journalism is unhealthy.

I actually wanted to call Ms Kweyu a Christian Taliban but that would be unfair on the real Taliban who are at least prepared to die for what they believe in. In the previous piece she revealed how she went against her conscience to revise for publication a story about gay acceptance in church. That's why I've taken it upon myself to revise the work of the revise editor.

On account of that admission alone it’s not surprising that Dot has slipped up and highlighted that she also lacks the courage of her convictions.


  1. Bwana Tamaku,

    Being gay is a mental illness that is treatable. But you have to first accept that you are sick.
    Many have been rehabilitated from their sexual fetish with same sex, animals and even nature.
    I hope one day God will be merciful and open your eyes just like he did saul on his way to...


  3. Hi Anon1,

    Unfortunately there is no cure for stupidity ;( xxx

    Hi Anon2,

    Hey, thanks. Spread the love, peace. xx xx

  4. hi Tamaku, i'm a straight woman who loves the way you write. Your style, sincerety and humour are refreshing. As for the gay bashers, they're only afraid that if they pause long enough they'd actually have to face what's wrong with themselves instead of others. Keep up the good writing.

  5. I'm so glad you wrote this post. I had dashed off (I use the cliché deliberately) something to the Nation, but their online system apparently does not like the word homophobic. Or perhaps it was the 1,000 words I sent. It was rejected.

    I am so very tempted to simply dismiss and ignore Kweyu and her screeds. But that's how bad ideas circulate, when we claim they can be ignored.



  6. Wachana na Kweyu.

    And to think I had praised her :( (when she wrote this story here >> )


  7. Stumbled upon this blog today and I was saddened by this article.
    I am a born again christian who believes homosexuality is not right. But I believe that as a christian it is my duty to follow the Bible which says I am not to judge anyone for I am as full of sin as I may think others are. It may not be easy but that's how great God's love is.
    My main message is to let you know God loves you and does not consider you an abomination. Let no one tell you otherwise. He should be your only validation.

  8. HI. This is just to let you know that we are here cheering you on . Commending you on your honesty. Dan Savage, he just began the "Itgetsbetterproject" Check it out on youtube, to support Gay teenagers who are being teased and called evil so much that they take their own lives, Just emphasized that it is our responsibility as gay adults to support others of our community facing homophibia and other forms of hate that can break their spirits. It is our responsibility to let them know that it gets better.
    I have been alarmingly noticing all the homophobia articles on nation with great concern. Thank you for illuminating who is at the bottom of all that nonsense and hate spewing.
    Keep going strong.
    Cheerz from I and my girlfriend. One year and still going strong. I love other women and am proud of it.
    Love is not ruled by sex or gender.

  9. Hi Kasapere,

    Much love to you both. I'll check out the youtube vid also. xx xxx


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