Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting to know Tamaku

Ok, I’ve been blogging about my life now for close to two years but I still get emails asking me so many crazy questions. From - "how much money do you want me to send you" (enough is never enough, baby) to - "Hi Tamaku, I’m a really lovely girl if you have sex with me you’ll dump that George of yours so fast" (er...I don’t think so sweetie because sex is not all I have with George). So I thought I’d put a survey together and answer some questions hopefully people will get to know me a little bit better.

How often do you have sex?

With myself about four times a week but it’s not getting out of hand. Mostly due to just boredom and as a stress reliever. With boyfriend George less frequently. He says he wants to keep it special, blah, blah, blah. Sorry Gee, just kidding.

What’s your favourite condom flavour?

I don’t know, lol. I’ll have to ask my cock when I get home.

What’s the most sensual part of your body?

My brain when it's stimulated.

What’s your favourite car?

It has to be Land Rover Discovery. My dream car would be Porsche Panamera, the one pulling 500 horses. In ivory. I see stars and get hot flushes just imagining myself driving one. The best things in life ARE NOT FREE.

Are you a top or a bottom?

This question is intrusive and so unfair, fake survey! I don’t see you asking a girl whether she swallows or if she uses a strapon. Anyway I'll answer in the spirit of transparency. The usual position is top to bottom though I also do sideways. I hope that's cleared that little mystery then.

Have you ever been offered and accepted money/food/booze/ice-cream/drugs/shelter/socks for sex?

Yes, haven’t we all! It’s impossible to have sex 100% on your terms every time without sneaking some good old Rohypnol in their drinks. So sex is all about give and take. It’s also nice to be appreciated for a job well done, lol!

You come across as a very happy person. What makes you angry?

I am a happy, easy-going man. The sight of smiling Attorney-General 'Chubby Cheeks' Amos Wako makes my blood boil. I actually loathe the man. Where is the justice in this world? Also people who treat their staff like dirt get me very mad. Case in point that woman from Booksfirst.

When it comes to relationships would you say you are a player or do you get played

I hate mind-games so I always put my cards on the table. I expect others to come clean as well, has worked for me so far.

Which celebrity would you like to have sex with?

Nick Cannon aka Mr Mariah Carey


He has a lovely smile and nice teeth which means he’s likely to be a good kisser - big, big plus with me. My fantasy would be to rub baby oil on him then blindfold and handcuff him to the bed and tease him with a feather see if he'll even remember her name. Mariah Who? Also something tells me that for Mariah to be with him, all her fame and fortune, he must be packing more than your bog standard in-the-back-garden cannon. She’s just sapping that baby juice out of him. What a waste!!!

Final word?

Accept the person you are before expecting others to accept you for who you are.

End of interview.

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